Saturday 15 June 2013

Aamir, Kiran go school hunting

Aamir, Kiran go school hunting

The couple are apparently looking for the perfect playschool for their one-and-half-year-old son Azad

Ever since their son Azad Rao Khan came into their life, Kiran Rao took a backseat from her professional career to look after him.

Now buzz is that the director is all set to go back to work and Aamir and she are searching for a playschool that could keep their son busy when the parents are out working. Insiders say that the one-and-half-year old toddler is quite mischievous and is a handful for his parents at home.

A source says, `Kiran and Aamir always wanted a baby and now that they have Azad, he up takes most of their time. Kiran took a break from work because she wanted to devote all her time to their son. He is a very playful and a chirpy kid. Now that Kiran is thinking of going back to work, they are thinking of sending Azad to a playschool for a few hours.`

A friend of the director however says that given Azad is still very young, the couple is yet to take a final decision on the matter. The friend states, `Azad likes to play with his father and he loves going to the playground as well. Kiran was also heard chatting with Karisma Kapoor a few days ago about organising a play day together with their kids.`

First day in school!

Emraan Hashmi with his wife and son Ayaan With the start of the new academic year, Emraan Hashmi's three-year-old son Ayaan too has started going to school from today.

In the meanwhile...

Her husband is known to be a think tank when it comes to drawing up marketing strategies. And looks like Kiran too is going the same way. Sources say Aamir's director wife has hired a group of management graduates to work as interns in her office for a couple of months to help her promote Anand Gandhi's Ship of Theseus.

Kiran is officially the presenter of the film that has already done the foreign festival rounds.

Our source says, `It's a first that management students have been roped in to work on a single film. They will be working to enable direct marketing. Such films rely on word-of-mouth for spreading the word.`

So from college campuses, restaurants, medical institutions and public spaces, the group is expected to spread awareness about the project.

Says Kiran, `The film will greatly appeal to the youth.`

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