Thursday 13 June 2013

An insider's account: When Sooraj's mother visited Jiah's mom Rabiya Amin

An insider`s account: When Sooraj`s mother visited Jiah`s mom Rabiya Amin

Thursday, June 13, 2013 14:49 IST
An insider's account on what transpired when Zarina Wahab dropped in to visit Jiah Khan's grieving mother Rabiya Amin

Reconciliation, not sorry, seems to be the hardest word. After the events that followed Jiah Khan's untimely death -- which included Aditya Pancholi's son Sooraj getting arrested for abetting the young actress's suicide -- his mother Zarina Wahab decided to give her grieving counterpart Rabiya Amin a personal visit. Going by the accounts of an onlooker, the meeting didn't result in many warm moments.

Apparently, it was Aditya's Pancholi's idea. After Tuesday's court proceedings, the actor asked an old family friend (a journalist-turned-filmmaker) to meet wife Zarina and daughter Sana at a suburban hotel so as to help them figure out how they can help Sooraj in the forthcoming legal battle. There, Zarina allegedly insisted that meeting Rabiya at her place would be the right thing to do.

The filmmaker, on condition of anonymity, says, `I was surprised to hear that they wanted to meet Rabiya. Intriguingly enough, the building where she stayed is right next to the hotel.`

Nonetheless, the old friend accompanied Zarina and Sana to Rabiya's apartment in Juhu to convey their condolences and talk for `at least two minutes`. However, Rabiya didn't take the whole plan too well and in moments of anger, lashed out at Zarina. Watching this drama unfold was Tom Thomas, Rabiya's alleged current boyfriend.

As expected, the two mothers unabashedly expressed their grievances. According to our source, `Sooraj had visited Rabiya on May 18 and expressing concern at Jiah's hyper behaviour, had requested her to take her daughter to see a counsellor. Zarina reminded her of that and asked her why she didn't do the needful.` She also reminded her that Tom was present when that happened.

At this Jiah's mother stormed inside and Tom rudely asked the three women to leave the place. Interestingly, there was not a single electronic mediaperson standing outside the building when they reached the venue.

On conditions of anonymity, the filmmaker confirmed the incident and stated, `I was unwillingly drawn into this. I was only trying to help both the mothers heal but unfortunately I don't know how it became a media tamasha. I still don't know who called the media there.`

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