Friday, 21 June 2013

Annu Kapoor's film in big trouble in a UP village

Annu Kapoor`s film in big trouble in a UP village

While shooting for his upcoming comedy film in the Bhatta Pasaul village in Uttar Pradesh, the makers would have never dreamt of having guns pointed at their heads

Apparently, some members of the Gujjar community took an objection to the story of producer Jagdish Gupta's film and decided to take matters in their own hands, literally.

Unit hands of the Annu Kapoor starrer say that Gujjars attacked the film's sets and pointed a gun at a team member. They apparently wanted to stall the shoot as they believed the film apparently showed them in poor light.

Writer-director Girish Juneja says, `It's a story about rich villagers getting high compensation from the government for acquisition of their lands around Delhi and NCR.

We were shooting with the cast at the location when a few villagers stopped our shoot and pointed a gun at us. They felt our film was mocking their customs. We were scared.` Luckily, however, other residents of the village came to the team's rescue.

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