Sunday 16 June 2013

Big B's keeping doctors busy

Big B`s keeping doctors busy

Sunday, June 16, 2013 12:58 IST
The veteran star was spotted in and out of hospitals this week

It looks like Amitabh Bachchan is not in the best of his health at the moment. Last year, the veteran had to be hospitalised for several days for undergoing a stomach surgery.

On Tuesday, the senior actor accompanied by his entourage of two cars and six body guards visiting an endoscopy clinic opposite Cooper Hospital in Juhu. Onlookers say the group then picked up a gentleman from the clinic and headed for the Nanavati Hospital in the neighbourhood. Later it was discovered that he was a senior doctor from the centre who was accompanying Bachchan to Nanavati.

Says a source close to the actor, `Bachchan sir went for a regular check-up at Nanavati, which is part of the post-operation treatment.`

And that's not all. Bachchan once again visited Nanavati on Wednesday afternoon, complaining of a backache and for another monthly routine check-up that apparently included an MRI. His son Abhishek accompanied him this time. Bachchan remained at the hospital till 5.45 pm.

The medical superintendent of Nanavati confirmed that Bachchan visited the hospital.

The actor took to his blog on the same night to state, `There is a need to take it easy and rest is advised ..! Rest ? but I have been resting all along ... now when it is time to work, they ask me to rest .. Okaay ... so I shall obey them and rest, but only after the work has been done ..`

Earlier this month, he wrote, `A spasm of sudden appearance on the lower back, an injury during the many action sequences we did without care or precaution, keeps appearing every now and then to remind us of film and situation.`

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