Friday 7 June 2013

Hyderabad-based producer who had told Jiah to 'put on weight' comes under police scanner; CCTV footage also being scrutinised

Mumbai: Juhu Police is likely to question a Hyderabad-based producer, who is said to be the last filmmaker who had auditioned Jiah, days before she committed suicide on June 3. It is reliably learnt that Jiah was ‘quite upset’ after the auditions as the producer in question had asked her to ‘put on weight the role as she was too lean’.
Prone to mood-swings, Jiah was visibly upset and had even told both her boyfriend Suraj and mother Rabiya about her conversation with the producer.
As no direct proof of Suraj being the cause of Jiah’s suicide has been found till now, investigators are now hoping that questioning the Hyderabad producer could provide some clues into solving the case.
Juhu Police is also 'banking heavily' on the CCTV footage of moments before Jiah committed suicide, acquired from Sagar Sangeet Apartment.
“We are carefully studying every change of expression in the moments leading to her death. We are she must have evinced some facial clue before taking the step,” a Juhu police official said.
Police have also questioned the guards of her apartment complex, who she had asked to dump the flowers sent by Suraj.
Till now, police have recorded statements of Jiah's mother, Sooraj, Aditya, their domestic help Deva and friends Karan, Kartik and Neelu. Yesteryear actress Anju Mahendru, at whose house Aditya and Rabiya were dining the night Jiah killed herself, was also questioned.

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