Thursday 13 June 2013

Police gets Jiah Khan’s abortion report

The investigation on Jiah Khan
Jiah Khan’s suicide case is going on in full swing and the latest about it is that police has discovered Jiah Khan’s abortion report from the hospital where the abortion has been carried out. They are not ready to divulge anything at the moment.
"There have been no new developments so far. We have received the medical reports from the hospital where the foetus was aborted," said a police officer.
That Jiah Khan has undergone abortion was revealed on her six page suicide note which Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan has handed over to the police. In this letter, the ‘Nishabd’ actress wrote how she is attached to her boyfriend and how he ditched her in love.
Sooraj Pancholi’s lawyer said that they will be able to give out more information later.

"We will be able to give out more information tomorrow, June 13," said Zameer Khan, who appeared for Suraj in a city court.
Sooraj was arrested by police in Jiah Khan’s suicide case. He will be kept under police remand till 13th June.
Here are some of Rabbiya’s tweets:

“I am convinced that either Suraj or Aditya have hit my daughter and its that humiliation which triggered her death(sic)”

“Justice and truth always prevail they are the strongest pillars of society(sic)”

“My daughter had bruise on her jaw she was hit badly that pushed her to the end path I wish I was there. How dare he (Suraj) hit her (sic)”

“I have a constant picture of my daughters face - silent pain she was beaten and humiliated .. I cry feeling numb (sic)”

“I have evidences how Suraj use to hit and abuse my child I have his confession where he admits that he did because he was drunk (sic)”

“deep bruise on the cheek and jaw the soft dupatta was around the neck. Some one is so dumb. Sooraj he did beat my child (sic)”

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