Friday 7 June 2013

Poonam Pandey’s ‘Nasha’ trailer receives 153,892 views

No sooner the trailer of Poonam Pandey’s debut movie, ‘Nasha’ was released online, it went viral on net and was highly watched. Released only two days back, i.e. on June 5th, 2013, the trailer received around 153,892 views. The fans of Poonam Pandey is highly impressed with her.
‘Stripping queen’ Poonam’s debut movie was directed by director of ‘Jism’ fame, Amit Saxena. The director is all praise for the debutante. The punch line of Nasha reads: In a world of temptation, romance is temporary, love is lonely, but addiction is forever.It's time to get addicted... To let go of all taboos and experience unrequited passion. A passion that surpasses all boundaries of age, caste or even sex.

The trailer shows Poonam seduces a teenager and makes love with him. Gradually the attraction transformed into addiction. The film is all about love, greed, sex and addiction.
Poonam Pandey insists ‘Nasha’ is not a porn film. The director, Amit Saxena added, “See, the script demanded intimate scenes. But, the primarily the story is about the point of view of an 18 year old boy who is in love with 25 year old woman, which is innocent and sensuous.”
Poonam Pandey came into limelight when she promised to strip down if Indian wins the world cup. Though Poonam failed to keep her promise, she never disheartened her fans and posted naked images of her on twitter time and again.
Poonam said: “First, I must today, today whatever I have achieved is because of media which had promoted me in a right way and I owe them a lot.”
“Having said that, I’m however, bored of controversies and looking forward to some serious work,” Poonam added.

Watch the trailer below:-

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