Monday, 24 June 2013

Salman Khan demands 20 crore for a cement brand

Salman Khan acts to pricey for a Rajasthan based cement brand. He quoted Rs 20 crores for endorsing a cement brand while the company has offered him Rs 10 crores. Salman turned down the offer and stick on his initial price quote. He currently at present endorsed seven brands.
An insider says, “The brand is relatively new and the amount offered was to include the commercial as well as promotional events.”
The representatives of the company met Salman Khan’s managers discussed with him about the deal. But later the deal cancelled as Salman expressed his displeasure about the money offered.
Rs 20 crore is too high for the company. A friend of the actor said, “Salman feels that since the brand is not very well-known, he should at least get a big amount. The brand had no option but to drop their plan.”
Salman Khan is one of the most sought after actor of Bollywood. His box-office record is unbeatable and endorsers desperately wanting him to endorse their product.
Salman’s manager did not confirm the matter.

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