Saturday 15 June 2013

Smooching star Ayushmann: My wife is okay with my onscreen kissing and lovemaking

Smooching star Ayushmann: My wife is okay with my onscreen kissing and lovemaking

He was a father to more than 50 kids in his debut film, Vicky Donor but Bollywood's gen-next daddy, Ayushmann Khurrana regrets not being able to devote enough time to his baby boy Virajveer.

`Nowadays, I want to spend all my holidays with him. He is the one I long for,` says the young actor, who is currently busy shooting for his upcoming film. In a free-wheeling interview with CS, the actor talks about his reported arrogance and kissing scenes:

Growing by the day
I am happy with the fact that I got to grow both as an actor and composer with Nautanki Saala. In my last film, I played the role of a theatre artist, which in itself is a challenging task for a film actor. People were expecting a lot from me after Vicky Donor, but then Nauntanki Saala was a different kind of film altogether. It was an experimental film, and I am satisfied with it.

Smooching star
I think that Indian cinema is becoming more realistic by the day. That's one of the reasons why we are seeing kissing scenes in films. I feel that it's okay as long as your partner is cool with it. Thankfully, Tahira, my wife has never had any issues.

After all, you are just acting. If you do a lovemaking scene, it does not mean that you are really making love to that person (laughs out loud). It also depends on how comfortable you are with your director and co-star.

Arrogant, who me?
Frankly, I was shocked when I heard stories about me being arrogant. I have never ever been termed as arrogant by anyone. I used to be in touch with journalists throughout my TV days. However, now I am working 24x7. It's simply not possible for me to answer every call, which is why I route them through my agency or manager.

That is a normal protocol in the industry. I guess people have taken some offence to this, but it's definitely not because I have become arrogant. It is just that I have too much on my plate. I also feel that my transition from TV to films was very sudden and beyond expectations, which might have made people feel that overnight success has gone to my head.

Daddy dearest
I really regret not being able to spend time with my boy. Nowadays, whatever free time I have is solely for him. I must say that my parents and in-laws have been a huge support to us. Tahira too was quite busy lately and they stepped in to look after our baby.

Our parents understand that we are in our twenties and trying to make it big in our careers, so they have been very cooperative. They feel that early marriage and parenthood should not bog us down. They are a Godsend!

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