Friday, 21 June 2013

Sonam: You mean I am a psycho, Dhanush?

Sonam: You mean I am a psycho, Dhanush?

'Raanjhanaa' pair Dhanush and Sonam Kapoor indulged in some serious talk and banter over coffee

Do opposites attract? Ask B-Town's fashionista Sonam Kapoor, who as everyone knows, does not believe in mincing words. While South import Dhanush, best remembered for his Kolaveri Di number, is unassuming but irreverently funny.

The two feature in Aanand L Rai's film Raanjhanaa. The actors indulged in some serious talk and some banter over coffee (for Sonam) and cola (for Dhanush) when they visited the Mid Day office yesterday.

Whenever any Hindi word would pop up, Sonam would make it a point to translate it for him into English. And whenever Dhanush spoke any Hindi, she made sure he pronounced it right.

Excerpts from their conversation...

Dhanush: When I was told Sonam would be in the film, the only image I had of her was the girl with the pigeon on the head.

Sonam: Can you believe he told the director that girl with the pigeon on the head would be his co-star!

Dhanush: Her song Masakali is huge in the South, of course they add their own bits. But Sonam, you are a known name.

Sonam: When Aanand sir told me about Dhanush, initially I wondered how he would pull off the role of a guy from Benares. Aanand sir then showed me a picture of him surrounded by a few sadhus with Dhanush in an orange gamcha. I looked at the picture and realised he could pull it off.

Dhanush: Initially on the sets, I just stayed away from her. I would do my scenes and disappear into the vanity van. Till one day she came into my van and ate up all my food.

Sonam: I love South food.

Dhanush: And then everyday she would come asking for khaana. My cook travels with me, so then it became a routine for her to pop into my van just to eat.

Sonam: It's khaana not kaana...

Dhanush: It's been only eight months of learning Hindi. Give me time. Getting the 'kh' right is a task. When I was approached for the film, I did not even know who director Aanand L Rai was.

He had tried to get in touch with me earlier but was told by someone that I was not interested in Hindi cinema. I have barely watched Hindi films except a few like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge and 3 Idiots. I have not yet watched even any of Sonam's films.

Sonam: He has promised me that he will after our film releases. Meanwhile knowing that I love to read, he recommended me Dan Brown's book Inferno. It was excruciating to read it.

Dhanush: You asked me what book I had.... but I had not read it!

Sonam: I am now reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. What a psycho the character in the novel is. She's a psycho like me.

Dhanush: You are getting there...

Sonam: You mean I am a psycho?

Dhanush: Sonam just loves honest people. If you are a friend, you have to be honest with her. Then your life is sorted. She will get food for you, call a doctor when you are unwell...

Sonam: Isn't that a good quality?

Dhanush: Yes, of course. Besides Hindi, I have lots to learn from you.

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