Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sooraj Pancholi’s bail plea rejected

Sooraj Pancholi
Sooraj Pancholi who was arrested in Bollywood actress Jiah Khan’s suicide case will have to remain some more days in jail. Today, Mumbai court has rejected Sooraj’s bail plea on the ground that investigation has reached its final stage and Sooraj’s release at this crucial time might hamper the probe.
Sooraj was arrested on June 10th and since then he is locked up at Arthur Road Central jail. He has been charged with abetting Jiah’s Khan to take this extreme step. Jiah committed suicide by hanging herself to the ceiling fan of her room when her mother Rabiya Khan and sisters were out on June 3rd. It is established that the actress was in serious relationship with the aspirant actor but when he betrayed her, disheartened Jiah ended her life.
Sooraj Pancholi was arrested after Rabiya Khan, Jiah’s mother lodged complaint against him at the police station. During investigation, police found evidence which probe that Sooraj was indirectly involved in this suicide case. Six page suicide notes were found from Jiah room in which she wrote about her broken heart.
Few letters were also discovered from Sooraj’s house as well. Sooraj’s lawyer claimed that Rabiya Khan is seeking revenge from Sooraj for some unknown reasons and Soora’s lawyer CK Talekar, also alleged Rabiyah was "misusing" Jiah's letter which was found four days after she committed suicide.
It was also proved that Jiah Khan was pregnant and she aborted her child. Jiah and Sooraj were in a live-in a relationship. On arguing for the bail of Sooraj, the defense lawyer told the court that Jiah had done abortion on her own and Sooraj was not involved in it "They were two consenting individual in a sexual relationship, if there was any as claimed by the police", argued Talekar.
Talekar also argued if Sooraj was assaulting and abusing her then why she was partying with him.
He also claimed that the medical test is only on abortion but it does not justify that the actress was pregnant with Sooraj’s child. "It cannot be said that she conceived from the accused," argued Talekar.
He also told the court that it was unlikely that the letter was found four days after the suicide. "It is highly suspicious that the letter was found by the sister of the deceased four days later while the police had initially said that they did not find any suicide note."
Police during investigation found that Sooraj has deleted some text messages sent to him by Jiah.

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