Wednesday 12 June 2013

Tusshar's next film's titled confirmed

After a flurry of flip-flops, Tusshar Kapoor's next film finally has a confirmed title. It is Bajatey Raho.

"And it is verified as per numerology too," quips a source attached to the film, "It started off with one title, then later it was changed to Bhajathey Raho at Tusshar's insistence (since he - just like sister Ekta Kapoor - is very particular about numerology) and then there were a few other titles thought as well. Now it is Bajatey Raho and it is final. There won't be any more changes."

The decision was taken last week when it was time to freeze on the film's promotional campaign.

The source adds, "It was high time as the film is slated for 26th July release. There were many suggestions pouring in. Particularly Bhajathey Raho wasn't really coming across to be as striking as it ought to be. Finally, there was a deadline put forth for the creative team to finalize a title. Since Tusshar was emotionally close to the one suggested by him, he had to be looped in as well before the final decision was made."

This is when director Shashant Shah consulted another numerologist and he confirmed that Bajatey Raho was good to go from all perspectives.

Confirms the film's producer Krishika Lulla, "We had to close on it soon enough as it is about time for the film's First Look to be revealed. Tusshar's inputs were taken as well and so were Shashant's. It is now Bajatey Raho and there would be no more changes. I also believe that it sounds much more appropriate now."

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