Tuesday 30 April 2013

Gruesome rapes: Where there is no respect, There is no fear

Gruesome rapes: Where there is no respect, There is no fear

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:06 IST
By: jrj4u.com
Veteran singer Hema Sardesaai who splashed into limelight once again with her provocative statement about casting couch's existence in Bollywood, Has once again came forward and spoke for the 5 year old rape victim.

"The inhuman gruesome rapes of tender little girl children, are an utterly great shame to our 'supposedly' progressing and civilized country.

Where there is no respect there is no fear. Are the alarming increase in rapes and other crime rates, due to to the administration having lost respect?

Very easy access to pornography and alcohol too are major factors which contribute to heinous crimes. Also there are no stringent laws endorsing strongly severe enough punishments." said Hema Sardesaai.

Being a Brand Ambassador of Save The Girl Child foundation, The singer further added "A country that cannot protect its women folk simply cannot progress. These horrific crimes are already heralding the disasters to come. It is time that along with the women, the men of our country come down really heavily on this collapse of law and order in our country, before it is too late."

Hema's up coming movie is called The Coffin Maker where she has sung 3 number under Bappi Lahiri's compositions, The film features Naseeruddin Shah and Randeep Hooda in the lead roles.

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