Tuesday 30 April 2013

I don't want people around me to feel offended by my style of dressing

I don`t   want people around me to feel offended by my style of dressing

Tuesday, April 30, 2013 12:18 IST
We have seen him in bright yellows and purples, but actor Govinda says he's a sober dresser in real life.

`Fashion is something you will never associate with me. But I am trying to work on that with my latest endeavour, ` says Govinda who will now be seen as a judge in a fashion reality show. In an interview with CS, Govinda talks about his style statement, his connect with colour yellow and fitness regime:

Sober shades
I am a simple person and that reflects in my wardrobe. I believe in dressing in a sober manner and as per the occasion. I don't want people around me to feel offended by my style of dressing. I don't like to follow trends blindly. Comfort is the key to my dressing. In my wardrobe, you'll find mostly whites, blacks and greys.

Yellow fever
Frankly, I did not have a say in my clothes when I was starting out. I wore whatever the dresswalas gave me. I have played a number of rustic characters, and directors felt that yellow, pink and orange were best suited for those characters (laughs out loud). But I would like to tell my fans that I don't wear yellow in real life. I feel yellow is a very loud and tricky colour.

Style - aaj aur kal
I feel that the younger crop of actors have the style quotient but not the distinct style statement of say, a Anil Kapoor or Jackie Shroff.

Today, young people know what to wear, how to wear and how to accessorise. And they are extremely conscious. This robs them of their inherent charm. You need a bit of carelessness to be truly stylish 24x7. According to me, my USP is my innocence.

Dharam garam
My style icon was Dharmendra. I loved his innocent and macho image. I never dressed like him because I could not afford to buy those kind of clothes, and I wasn't fashion forward. I am glad to see that heroes have resurfaced with the masala genre back in vogue. We might just starting seeing more colour in clothes now.

Moving ahead
Over the years, I have become more fashion conscious. At least, I would like to believe so. My daughter Narmada gives me tips and even shops for me. She has good taste, so I rely on her. I have also started taking care of my health. I jog daily and avoid late meals. Plus, I have cut down on sweets and fried stuff.

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