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Dad Pancholi gets bail

Dad Pancholi gets bail

Aditya Pancholi gets bail after being charged with attacking his neighbour. Son Suraj, though, still awaits freedom

The Sessions Court on Saturday granted interim anticipatory bail to actor Aditya Pancholi (48), for the attack on his 55-year-old neighbour, Bhargav Patel, over a minor parking dispute. The court has placed the matter for further hearing on July 19, where police will file their say.

Judge DA Dholakia granted interim anticipatory bail to the actor who had allegedly assaulted Patel on June 19 in an inebriated condition. Patel presented CCTV footage of the attack to Versova police.

A similar incident had allegedly taken place in January, when Pancholi went to Patel's home and got into a fight over the renovation work at the latter's home. Pancholi's son, Sooraj, is currently in prison, facing trial for abetting the suicide of actor Jiah Khan.

'I feel a little protective for Deepika'

`I feel a little protective for Deepika`

Shah Rukh Khan is going south for his love ...well, that's Chennai E xpress for his fans. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu catches up with the superstar in Mumbai

Since Chennai Express shows you as a train traveller, let me start by asking, how far have you gone via train in your real life?
I used to travel a lot in train before becoming Shah Rukh Khan. I was from Delhi, so often I had trips to Jaipur. I journeyed to Bangalore and Chennai in train. But the experience of my life was when I came to Mumbai. I didn't know that once the train from Delhi enters a Mumbai station, it becomes a local train. So I was lying comfortably on my berth when a lady came and on my refusal to leave my berth, scolded me like anything.

This is the first time you are working with Rohit Shetty. How was the experience?
Rohit Shetty is great fun to work with. The only problem I had with him is that on the sets the girls found my director more attractive than me. So I will work with him again only if he stops looking so cool or covers his face at work.

You worked with Deepika Padukone in her debut film Om Shanti Om (2007). How has she changed in the last six years?
She has grown up (laughs). Jokes apart, I strangely feel too much proximity, love and warmth when I am with her; may be because she did her first film with me. I feel a little protective for Deepika. She has worked very hard and is a fantastic actor. I liked her Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani (2013) and Cocktail (2012) among others.

Tell us one advantage of working with Deepika Padukone.
The best part of having Deepika as my co-star is, when I used to go out shopping in between shoots, I didn't have to worry about getting down things from high shelves (hinting at her height).

After so many years in the industry, acting must have become an easy job for you?
It's never easy. Filmmaking itself is a very difficult job ... for the director, producer, actors and the entire crew ... there are lots of slips, ifs and buts which we have to overcome and put in a lot of hard work. So people must respect person who is involved in the process of filmmaking, be it in India or abroad. Because we make possible which is almost not possible.

What is easier for you - playing a romantic hero or an action hero?
Action is easier than shooting a love song in any film, provided if it's a Rohit Shetty movie. The way he and his crew plan and organize action scenes are unbelievable. Doing action for Rohit is safe, harmless, gentle and easy.

In the film you say that every man has a twist in his life by the time he turns 40. You are 47. Did you have your share?
I am all twisted. I am like a screw, you see. One day I will pen a book and then we will sit together and discuss all the twists in my life.

Movie Review: 'Jatt and Juliet-2' is a delightful watch

Movie Review: `Jatt and Juliet-2` is a delightful watch

Star Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, Jaswinder Bhalla, Bharti Singh, B.N. Sharma, Ran Ranbir and Rana Jung Bahadur

Directed By: Anurag Singh

Runtime: 2 Hr 17 Mins


Well, it's always easy to propound something, but once it turns into a landmark then it becomes all the way too difficult to maintain it's legacy and repute.

So finally after crafting Punjwood's landmark movie, hit trio of Anurag Singh, Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa have once again reunited for "Jatt and Julliet 2" in order to reinvent the spell of brand "Jatt and Julliet", the movie which emerged as an all time block buster of Punjwood". This much awaited cine flick starring Diljit Dosanjh Neeru Bajwa, Jaswinder Bhalla received a sound reception in the region and opened with an approximate occupancy of 75 percent.

But before proceeding ahead with the dissection of the movie, I would like to make one point very clear that although "Jatt and Juliet 2" has made it to cine arena under the franchise name "Jatt and Juliet", but except its name and a few character's names, it is an absolute standalone saga which buys nothing from its prequel.

Plot of "Jatt and Juliet-2" narrates the tale of a Punjab police cop Fateh Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) who is sent to Canada by one his insecure seniors, Joginder Singh (Jaswinder Bhalla) to mollify and bring back commissioner's daughter who is at odds with her father. Soon after everything is set at it's place for Fateh's departure to Canada on the pretext of searching a wanted fugitive Shampy.

On reaching Canada Fateh has a rendezvous with a female cop, or rather 'Shapaatan' P.Singh (Neeru Bajwa) who is deputed by Canadian authorities to help Fateh in his mission. As the frames roll ahead Fateh has a rendezvous with Preeti (Laughter Challenge fame Bharti Singh) whom Fateh mistakenly believes to be commissioner's daughter. So amid this amusing game of hit and misses did Fateh manages to find Shampy and succeeds in finding and convincing Commissioner's daughter?, to know check out this hilarious laughter riot crafted by Anurag Singh.

At times when cine thinkers try their hands on a sequel or try to reclaim the repute of an established franchise it garners a huge pressure around them to have at least some traces of reminiscence and resemblance of the prequel, in order to grab the cine buff's attention. But as stated that "Jatt and Juliet-2 " is a totally standalone tale, which speaks for itself, and has its own bunch of giggles and fun, to charm the masses.

From commencement till culmination there is hardly any moment in "Jatt and Juliet-2" which in any manner compels you to avert your eyes from the celluloid. Be it gluing up of various instances or humor punches everything is knitted with such an daintiness by scriptwriter Dheeraj Rattan, that you never feel distracted throughout the run time of the movie.

Even the screenplay of the movie is dauntless and thoroughly attention grabbing. Be it flow of the narration or the cutting edge editing everything pertaining to "Jatt and Juliet-2", successfully adds to the over all appeal of the movie.

In screenplay department Anurag and Dheeraj have once again succeeded in keeping everything well within proportions. Even while being in director's chair Anurag has once again succeeded in raising the bar. Be it about capturing the picturesque locales of Canada and Punjab or maintaining the intensity of humor, Anurag didn't allow anything to get too loud to obliterate the over-all appeal of the movie.

Besides, this ace director of Punjwood has also quite adroitly utilized every resource in the best possible manner, to dish out another entertainment delight.

If we take a look at the music of "Jatt and Juliet-2" then with a sound amount of variation, music of the movie is simply irresistible. Although nearly all the songs of the movie manage to secure a notch on the "extol-metronome", but "Ankhiya" is the pick of the deck. So kudos for Jatinder Shah for crafting some of the praiseworthy aural delights.

Well coming to the performances, all I can say about Diljit is that "now even Punjabi cinema has turbaned hit-machine". With every flick coming his way Diljit is successfully emerging as a more seasoned actor. As far as his performance in "Jatt and Juliet-2" is concerned then it is surely going to be one of the most memorable performance from his performance bunch. Be it humor timing or some emotional expressiveness, everything in the movie, Diljit has handled with such an outstanding deftness, that he made everything look like kid's play for him. After seeing Diljit once again performing like a seasoned actor in "Jatt and Juliet-2", I have just one line for this turbanator of Punjwood and that is " Diljit can surely kill style" by his marvelous acting potential.

Although Neeru's presence in the movie is overshadowed by her male counterpart, but in spite of that, this sizzling beauty of Punjab has looked gorgeous and conveniently succeeds in doing a thorough justice to her "Shapaatan" avatar. Even rest of the cast comprising Jaswinder Bhalla, Rana Ranbir Rana Jung Bahadur, Dolly Mattoo et al also well complements the lead pair and impresses you with their honest and praiseworthy performances.

To sum up , while watching "Jatt and Juliet-2" please keep in mind its standalone characteristic, and it will be wrong to compare it with it's prequel which was undoubtedly a landmark movie of Punjwood history. So better see "Jatt and Juliet 2" as a story in itself which too has got ample amount of entertainment to impress you.

Making low budget films is in vogue in Bollywood

Making low budget films is in vogue in Bollywood

Making a film that doesn't boast of the Kapoors or the Khans? Or one that doesn't include designer costumes or shooting in exotic locations abroad? No sweat. Established production houses are ready to back you if you have an intelligent script, even if the budget isn't sky-high. Deepali Dhingra speaks to industry experts to finds out

Has Bollywood finally realised that good things sometimes do come in small packages and also that it's not the Khans but the content, which is King? The success of small or low-budget films such as Kahaani, Udaan, Pyar Ka Punchnama, Peepli Live, Tere Bin Laden, Phas Gaye Re Obama among others in recent times, has not just worked wonders for the film industry, it has made everyone sit up and take notice of the fact that low budgets do not have to translate into low returns as well.

And while earlier, we did have small films being made, it is the presence of established production houses and their support to these movies, that has made all the difference in the way they have been marketed and in return, received by the audience.

Right from Paan Singh Tomar, ABCD and No One Killed Jessica that were produced by UTV Motion Pictures, to Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge and Mere Dad Ki Maruti produced by Y-Films (a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films) to Balaji Motion Pictures and Alt Entertainment's Ragini MMS, Dharma Production's Gippi and more recently, Fukrey produced by Excel Entertainment -- there is an endless list of small budget, content-driven films that have set the cash registers ringing.

Ship of Theseus

In recent times, director Anand Gandhi's film Ship of Theseus caught the attention of filmmaker Kiran Rao, and she decided to present it with UTV Motion Pictures as the distribution partner. `It goes without saying that the kind of infrastructure UTV could provide for the distribution of the film, is something nobody could have managed,` says Gandhi, an independent filmmaker and screenwriter based in Mumbai.

Kiran Rao's association with his project, he admits, has undoubtedly lent a magnitude to the movie, which has already been critically acclaimed at a number of international film festivals and is all set for release on July 19. `With many stars turning producers themselves, the choice has become limited,` opines trade analyst Taran Adarsh, `The production houses have to keep going, so they are balancing the big-budget films, with small films that too give good return on investment. It's a great trend, and I only see it growing.`

Mere Dad Ki Maruti

Investing in the future
`Content has always been important, but it is true that today, movies that deal with different themes and subjects are getting huge appreciation from an audience that is hungering for great content. It's an incredible time for filmmakers, artistes and studios and it is here to stay,` says Siddharth Roy Kapur, managing director -- Studios, Disney UTV. Ashish Patil, Business and Creative Head, VP, Y-Films says, `I can think of three main reasons why we're seeing this trend. Firstly, there is a consumer demand for fresh content that appeals to the youth.

Secondly, it is an industry requirement. There is too much dependence on a few big stars and directors, and it's important to invest in the future. And third, it's a business opportunity, where you create a system where you're launching and creating future stars.`


With the filmmakers pitching in all their might and support to these films, it's a win-win situation for both studios and the audience. Today, the audience is much more discerning when it comes to the film's story and content. Along with other factors, exposure to world cinema has widened their horizons, and they are ready to experiment with interesting stories and talented artistes, who might not be conventionally good looking.

Rudrarup Datta, head of marketing and operations, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, sees this scenario arising out of two factors. `First, the audience is rapidly evolving and seeking different content and second, our intention has always been to provide good content. If a good product is marketed and promoted with enough weight behind it, then it will prove itself at the box office,` he says.

Vicky Donor

A separate identity
While established production houses have put their weight behind low-budget and often non-commercial films, many of them have started or opened sub-divisions to look after these films. So while Balaji Telefilms Ltd has a division called Alt Entertainment (that has produced films like Love Sex Aur Dhokha and Shorr in the City) that makes films that cater to younger audiences, Tipping Point Films is a banner that was launched by Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, to tap the youth. Shaitan was the first movie made under the banner. But the question that arises is, why have these subdivisions if the parent banner already exists? The logic, say studios, is to create an identity separate from the main banner. Explains Datta, `Creating a separate banner helps us focus more on the filmand its marketing. For example, I cannot market a movie likeShaitan in the same way, in which I can market a Son of Sardaar, simply because it's not the same kind of movie. For that, I have to understand the consumer I'm targeting and market it accordingly.`


Y-Films, a subsidiary of Yash Raj Films, has made films like Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, Love Ka The End and more recently, Mere Dad Ki Maruti. It was the brand values that YRF traditionally stands for that would have come in the way, had they decided to bring out these kind of films under the main banner. `Unlike any film studio in the country, YRF is a brand,` says Patil, `When you think of YRF, you think of romance, great music, great production values, beautiful locations, a beautiful heroine among other things. Now, we may not be able to deliver the same kind of scale or content with these smaller films. With Y-Films, we can take the positive values of YRF, while not carrying the baggage and at the same time, create fresh expectations with fresh and quirkier content that's relevant for the younger audience.`

Ragini MMS

For Roy Kapur, deciding which film will be produced under which banner, depends upon the story. `We are involved in these movies right from their inception. So whether it be Dev D, A Wednesday, Paan Singh Tomar, Barfi!, ABCD or Kai Po Che, what must appeal to us to start with, is the story itself, how unique it is and how the director plans to tell it. Once we are convinced on all counts, we proceed to the more operational aspects of casting, budget, scheduling or to produce it under UTV or Spotboy and so on. But it all starts with the story and the director's vision for it,` he says.


Fresh talent
A positive outcome of the success of these content-driven low budget films, is the plethora of talent that has emerged from it. New actors, directors, music composers and technicians have found their way into the industry. With Y-Films, Patil says, they have contributed at least 25 to 30 new artistes and technicians to the film industry. `It's an investment in the future, as the industry is always hungry for fresh talent,` he says. And for the newcomers, it is a dream to get the backing of a big production house.


Saqib Saleem, who made his debut with Y-Films' romantic comedy Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge and was recently seen in Mere Dad Ki Maruti and Bombay Talkies, has already been signed by Amole Gupte for his next. `First of all, it's difficult for a newcomer to get a film. And then, to get a production house like YRF to back you, is like the icing on the cake. For the audience, it's a great time as every Friday there is a fresh lot of actors who arrive in the industry,` says the actor. Nupur Asthana, the talented director of Mujhse Fraaandship Karoge, is already handling her next big project -- an untitled film starring Sonam Kapoor and Ayushmann Khurrana by YRF. `It's a huge confidence booster if a big production house asks you to direct a movie for them.


When a bigger banner extends support to a small film, things like distribution, marketing and releasing the film becomes much easier,` she says. What attracts big production houses to smaller films, believes Nupur, are the lower stakes. `The money they have to recover is much less, and therefore, it is easier for them to back them,` she says. The hunger for content that's different and intelligent, is what Gandhi believes is the driving force behind the new wave of cinema. `People are making cinema they believe in. And there is a huge audience out there that is bored of the old formulaes and tired scripts,` he adds.

Paan Singh Tomar

Sample this. Kahaani, a film with a female lead and made at a modest budget of Rs 8 crore raked in more than Rs 82 crore at the box office, while a Kai Po Che with three newcomers and costing approximately Rs 12 crore made around Rs 52 crore. Sometimes, an intelligent script, apt casting and a modest budget is all it takes to get the cash registers ringing. No wonder then, producers are more than willing to back these projects all the way.

Check Out: Celebrities shy of shutterbugs

Agreed, that even celebrities have a personal life and every now and then they do not wish to be captured by flashing lights. Sometimes they choose to go incognito yet shutter buggers follow them everywhere. And the logic goes that they are after all ‘stars’ who are aspirations for millions. Wherever they go, people just want a glimpse of them.
Here goes a list of celebrities who hide their face from media:
Katrina Kaif
She tops the list of celebrities who hide their face from media. At various occasions, she has been spotted avoiding camera. She is polite though, as she simply turns her face away from flash light not giving way to starry tantrums. While coming out of airport, Katrina was spotted avoiding cameras. She held a small piece of paper to avoid her face and guess what she failed disastrously as this beauty was captured without makeup wearing black tights and turtle neck long full sleeved tee. She looked beautiful.
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
Ever since Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been making public appearances with her baby Aaradhya Bachchan, the actress has always tried hard to keep her baby’s face away from media. She has been spotted covering her daughter’s face with a shawl or an over sized cap or a file or sometimes even holding her head tightly to her chest. But the little baby finds it annoying and uncomfortable as she protests and takes her head out to get a sigh of relief and catch some flash lights.
Amrita Singh
Amrita Singh or ex wife of Saif Ali Khan maintains a low profile after her divorce. She does not want to be captured on cameras barring a few important ones. She stays away from limelight and if by chance she encounters any shutter bug she hides her face.
Ranbir Kapoor
Ranbir Kapoor, son of Rishi and Neetu Kapoor just stays away from media and usually covers his head with an over sized cap with a long hood to cover his face. He was last seen at Arjun Kapoor's birthday bash.
Shilpa Shetty
Though Shilpa loves to pose with her heavy makeup and jewellery on, she hates to be clicked without makeup. She was spotted hiding her face with one hand during her pregnancy days. Understandable! But we recently spotted Shilpa with hubby Raj Kundra in a very casual get up. She simply put her hand on her face.
Kangana Ranaut
This beauty from the hills had adorned a geek look with over sized glasses and tied up hair. Of course it was not her favorite look and so she vehemently avoided cameras with both the hands.


Kajol sometimes avoids clicking and at an event she stopped paparaazi from taking her snaps.

Sonakshi Sinha

When celebrities are in bad mood, they avoid clicking and the recent example is Sonakshi Sinha.

Preity Zinta

During an event, Preity Zinta covered her face with her hands.

Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma uses her long hairs to cover the face when she doesn't feel like clicking.
deepika padukone
ranbir kapoor
katrina kaif
anushka sharma
preity zinta
kangana ranaut
sonakshi sinha
shilpa shetty 

Single mothers of Bollywood

Bollywood exudes a source of inspiration to single moms who find it difficult to raise their kids single handedly without the support of husbands. A lot of celebrities have taken up the brave and bold step of walking away from their married relationship which gave them sadness rather than happiness. Here’s a list of mothers who raised their kids single handedly:
Honey Irani
Director and script writer Honey Irani married Javed Akhtar when she was 17. After few years Honey gave birth to Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar. Soon after the birth of the two kids, Javed fell for actress Shabana Azmi and as Honey came to know of this, she got herself separated from Javed Akhtar. Then she raised both the kids single handedly though Javed always shared good relation with his kids.
Babita Kapoor
Babita was a big star when she married Randhir Kapoor. The couple has 2 daughters Karisma and Kareena. But after few years of their marriage Randhir became an alcoholic and started neglecting family. Babita divorced him and then she groomed Karisma for Bollywood on her own. Even Kareena owes her success to her mom.
Sushmita Sen
She is the epitome of courage as she adopted two girls, one in 2000 and the other in 2010. She never married. She single handedly takes care of both the children.
Neena Gupta
After a successful career in acting, Neena fell for West Indies cricket player Viv Richards. Though they never married, they have a love child, Masaba Gupta. Masaba is popular in fashion industry. Though Neena again married someone in Delhi, she takes Masaba as her priority.
Neelima Azim
Neelima is a TV actor who married actor Pankaj Kapoor in 1975 and they separated in 1984. In 1981 Neelima gave birth to Shahid Kapoor. Neelima got the custody of Shahid.
Pooja Bedi
Pooja Bedi married business man Farhan Ebrahim in 1990 but soon after their marriage, they got divorced due to differences in opinion. They have two kids, Alia and Omar, who are being tended by Pooja.
Amrita Singh
Amrita Singh married Saif Ali Khan and she gave birth to two kids, Sara and Ibrahim. But their marriage came to an end and now Amrita single handedly manages both the kids.
Reena Dutt
Reena Dutt is the ex wife of Aamir Khan. They have two kids, Junaid and Ira, whom Reena raised post her divorce with Aamir. Both the kids are humble and do not exhibit starry tantrums.
sushmita sen
pooja bedi
amrita singh
reena dutta
neena gupta
Babita kapoor
neelima azmi
honey irani

Watch Song: Imran, Sonakshi’s qawwali track from OUATIMD

The makers of ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai’ has launched another song from the much awaited movie of 2013 ‘Tayyab Ali’ which is a qawwali. Imran Khan and Sonakshi reprise the roles of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh in the song 'Tayyab Ali' in 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again'. This classic qawaali was actually a part of the yesteryear blockbuster 'Amar Akbar Anthony', which was released in 1977.
The makers of 'Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again' had bought the official rights of the song. The song has become a huge hit among the youngsters. The song was shot in a set constructed in Mumbai. It has been choreographed by Raju Khan and sung by Javed Ali. The song will be aired before the beginning of Ramadan.
In the film, Sonakhsi Sinha plays the role of young actress, Yasmin. Imran Khan played the role of a gangster. "I wanted to model this character on the 1980s heroes, especially the biggest ones then like Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor. They were the biggest style icons of the 1980s," the 30-year-old said.

"This boy is from Dongri and obviously he will watch Hindi films and he will be inspired by his heroes. So, I have taken a lot of inspiration from Jackie Shroff and Anil Kapoor for styling, shoes, hairstyle and moustache. So, the whole look has been inspired by that," he added.
"When you are making a period film, it is very important to convince the audience that the film has actually been set in a particular time period. Every single detail is very important, like how collars were done and hair were styled," Imran said.

"If there is one little thing that is out, they will get pulled out of the film. They will stop believing that it is a 1980s film," he added.
Directed by Milan Luthria and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, the film stars Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonali Bendre and Imran Khan.
Watch the song below:-

Sonakshi Sinha won’t be a part of ‘Dabangg 3’

The first and second installment of ‘Dabangg’ was a blockbusters and now the makers of superhit series are coming up with the third installment of the movie which is going to be a prequel. ‘Dabangg’ was the original, ‘Dabangg 32' class='' data-id='dabangg-2' id='article_tag_data_dabangg-2' style='display: inline-block;'>Dabangg 2’ was its sequel and it is heard that the third series of the film will be a prequel. The film will basically focus on Chulbul Pandey's childhood and how he became a fearless inspector. So going by the content, the possibility of Sonakhsi Sinha to be a part of the movie is very less.
The movie won’t be moving forward but it will be a flashback of the past. Hence, keeping this into account, we can say ‘Dabangg 3’ won’t see Sonakshi as Salman Khan’s on-screen wife.

Talking about being a part of the successful franchise, Sonakshi said “I don’t know if I will be in Dabangg 3. It all depends on the plot and how they want to take it forward. From what I have heard they want to make a prequel. If that’s the case I may not be in the film and that’s absolutely fine.”

Sonakshi went on to clarify that she won’t be disappointed if she gets disconnected from the third part of the film.

“I will always be known as the Dabangg girl and that is what matters. If it was a continuation of the story I know for a fact that I would’ve definitely been part of Dabangg 3 but since it’s going back to before Chulbul met Rajjo, I am fine with it,” Sonakshi added.

Arbaaz Khan will once again produce and direct the film. ‘Dabangg 3’ film is expected to go on the floors in 2015.

Aditya Pancholi gets anticipatory bail

On Saturday, a sessions court has granted veteran actor Aditya Pancholi
Aditya Pancholi anticipatory bail till July 19th. The actor filed for an anticipatory bail after he was booked by Versova police. Aditya Pancholi was held after he involved in a brawl with 55-year-old neighbor Bharghav Patel.
Pancholi was accused of punching his neighbor after the duo engrossed in a heated argument over parking space. Bharghav has also showed the CCTV footage to police in which Pancholi hit him. Following the CCTV footage, Aditya Pancholi was booked.
Patel and Pancholi live in the same housing society on Yari Road. The incident took place when on June 19th, the actor returned late night and saw Patel’s car ahead of his taking long time to park. The two were involved in a brawl also early this year when Patel was getting his flat renovated. Aditya was getting disturbed by the constant noises coming from the neighbor’s house. He entered his neighbor’s house along with few other men and assaulted him. They dragged him out of his house and punched him. When Patel’s wife tried to intervene, the men also abused her.
“On January 15, Pancholi showed up at Patel's doorstep with a few men, dragged Patel out and punched him”, said an IPS officer.
That time also Patel had submitted an application for FIR in the police station, but no case was registered against Aditya.
Aditya has been charged with section 452 (trespassing) and section 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).
Time is not in favor of Pancholi. Since June first week, his son Sooraj Pancholi was in police custody for abetting Jiah Khan’s suicide. Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan lodged complaint against Sooraj. Police arrested Sooraj on the basis of six page suicide note that Jiah wrote few days before hanging herself.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Kavita Kaushik back on 'F.I.R.', says she makes perfect entry

Kavita Kaushik back on `F.I.R.`, says she makes perfect entry

Actress Kavita Kaushik is coming back to work her magic as Inspector Chandramukhi Chautala in popular show "F.I.R.", and she is mighty excited to experiment with interesting stunts and action scenes.

The actress, known for her 'bindaas' style and excellent comic timing as the Haryanvi police officer, had left the show earlier this year after being a key part of it for seven years.

Speaking of her comeback, Kavita said: "I feel like I've come back to my friends. In fact, everyone around me is so excited and kicked. My entry into the show has also been planned really well, with action sequences and stunts."

Kavita is "certain that the viewers are going to thoroughly enjoy watching the show as I continue to entertain them in a 'dhamakedaar andaaz'."

During her time away from "F.I.R.", she was seen in "Tota Weds Maina", another comic show on the same channel, SAB TV.

Kavita was replaced by Chitrashi Rawat of `Chak De! India` fame. The show took a 20-year leap and Chitrashi played Jwalamukhi Chautala, daughter of Chandramukhi Chautala.

Rati Agnihotri to play mom to son on-screen

Rati Agnihotri to play mom to son on-screen

Actress Rati Agnihotri will be seen playing mother to her real life son Tanuj Virwani in his Bollywood debut "Luv U Soniyo". The newcomer calls her his "lucky charm".

"Luv U Soniyo", directed by Joe Rajan, also features Neha Hinge.

Tanuj says when he had signed the movie, his mother had no idea, but when he told her about it and handed over the cheque of the signing amount to her, the gleam in her eyes reflected her happiness.

"Later, when Joe and I were discussing about who should play the mother's character, we both took mom's name. It's as if we were thinking on the same wavelength. My mom is my lucky charm and I'm happy she is part of my first Bollywood film," Tanuj said in a statement.

Distributed by Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd., and co-produced by Harvey India Productions and Odyssey Corporation India Limited, the film will release July 26.

Abbas Tyrewala's 'Mango' is wicked

Abbas Tyrewala`s `Mango` is wicked

Director Abbas Tyrewala is back with a romantic comedy titled "Mango" and describes his latest offering as a "wicked film".

Shot in every corner of Goa, "Mango" is a fun and sexy movie, Tyrewala told.

"It is a wicked film. If there is romance, it has got certain black notes. If there is comedy, it has got sexy notes," said the director of hit film "Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na" .

The movie, co-produced by Multi Screen Media Private Limited in association with Kaleidoscope Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. (KEPL), stars VJ-cum-actor Rannvijay, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Swara Bhaskar.

The cast also has two debutants - Harman Singha, who is Rannvijay's brother, and singer-cum-actress Monali Thakur.

Unlike his other films, this one is not a "old fashion romantic movie".

"My take on romance has been gentle. 'Mango' is little in your face," Tyrewala told.

The movie brings together writer and producer of 2004 film "Maqbool".

"Abbas wrote 'Maqbool' for us. We get along well and we knew we would be working together someday," said Bobby Bedi from KEPL, which had produced "Maqbool".

"Mango" marks second production of MSM Pvt Ltd after forthcoming movie "Bajatey Raho".

"We believe in good scripts. There should be some exciting element in the film. We also have confidence in Bobby," said N.P. Singh, COO, MSM Pvt Ltd.

It's time to shake a leg with 'ABCD...' cast

It`s time to shake a leg with `ABCD...` cast

The cast of movie "ABCD: Any Body Can Dance" is set to make everyone put on their dancing shoes as it is planning to organise dance workshops in six cities.

The workshops are being conducted by channel Zee Cinema, which will present the movie on television July 7, in Delhi (June 29), Lucknow (June 30), Pune (July 5), Mumbai (July 6), Ahmedabad (July 3) and Indore (July 2).

Choreographer Prince, who was part of the 2013 movie, will be present during all the workshops.

"The idea is to take the spirit of the movie, which encourages absolutely anybody to get up and dance and to create a wave of dance across the country," Akash Chawla, ZEEL head- marketing, National Channels, said in a statement.

"This initiative is our way of enabling viewers to experience the true essence of the movie," he added.

To include people from all age groups, invitations have been sent to schools, colleges, old age homes, housewives, clubs and eminent non-governmental organisations (NGO).

Directed by Remo D'Souza, "ABCD: Any Body Can Dance" was based on a group of aspiring dancers. It released this year and received lukewarm response at the box office.

D'Souza is working on the sequel of the movie, which is expected to go on floors by end of this year.

'Lootera' makers start trial shows 8 days before release!

`Lootera` makers start trial shows 8 days before release!

Though 'Lootera' releases on July 5, the film's makers are hosting multiple special screenings for select invitees, starting from this weekend.

It is a norm to showcase one's movies just a few days prior to the release but this time the makers have planned on having as many as 10-15 trial shows in Mumbai for industry and non-industry friends, starting substantially before the release.

Balaji and Phantom being the producers, the creme de la creme of the industry is expected to be present to watch the keenly awaited romantic drama, starring Ranveer Singh and Sonakshi Sinha together, for the first time.

On watching the final cut, the makers were so pleased and confident that they decided to begin showing the film well in advance.