Friday, 28 June 2013

Abhay Deol recognized me: Preeti

Abhay Deol recognized me: Preeti

Ever since Zee TV's show 'Connected Hum Tum' has gone on air, the six women participants who have agreed to capture their personal lives on camera and put their innermost thoughts on national television have become celebrities in their own right.

While scores of people have now begun recognizing them at malls and multiplexes, one of the participants Preeti Kochhar was in for a pleasant surprise at the gym recently.

As she walked into the gym, she was delighted to find the host of her show 'Connected Hum Tum' Abhay Deol exercising there. It turns out that they both work out at Criag Scott's gym in Andheri.

It was an even bigger surprise for her when the actor recognized her instantly from having watched so much of her footage from the show.

Even though they are a part of the same show, the format of 'Connected Hum Tum' is such that they never shot for it together.

The show has host Abhay Deol watching reams and reams of the self-shot footages of the six women participants and reflecting on it as a man.

`Abhay was extremely warm and told me which portions of my life he's currently shooting his anchor links for!` said Preeti.

The two shared a few laughs and clicked a picture together which Preeti has proudly made her Whatsapp display picture.

While on Preeti, it is interesting to note that her husband Sanju's mobile number was seen flashing on her phone in one of the scenes and ever since, he has received quite a few calls telling him how lucky he is to have a wife like Preeti and that he ought to be more sensitive towards her.

`I am so glad to see him paying heed to the viewers' feedback and actually making it a point to come back home on time and spending time with the family!` said Preeti.

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