Thursday 13 June 2013

Dharmesh Darshan and Naseem Mukri in war of words

Dharmesh Darshan and Naseem Mukri in war of words

Thursday, June 13, 2013 15:59 IST
Dharmesh Darshan and screenplay writer Naseem Mukri accuse each other of allegedly stealing writing credit

This looks like yet another incident of one party allegedly stealing credit from another. Ever since the sequel of the 2000 film Dhadkan was announced, director Dharmesh Darshan has gone to town speaking about his upcoming project.

However, it seems to have upset Naseem Mukri, the screenplay and dialogue writer of Dhadkan as she accuses him for unfairly claiming to have penned the dialogues of the original film.

A miffed Naseem says, `I wonder why producer Ratan Jain paid me and gave me the credits if Dharmesh had written it. I was even nominated in the awards category for my contribution.

I am very proud of my work in Dhadkan. If Dharmesh is such a good writer why did his other projects sink without a trace? Anyone who remotely knows Dharmesh would know that he is far from someone who would know poetry.`

Dharmesh Darshan

In the meanwhile, Darshan refutes Naseem's claim and states, `I had been gracious to give her credit when I hardly used her lines. Given that she was my mother's friend and a daughter of a very senior actor (Mukri), it is quite sad that she has to do all this for publicity. What credit can I take away when it is my own film?`

Darshan also slams Naseem for trying to malign his name. He says, `Which film has she written after she wrote my films? I gave her a break. I never speak to the media but I have now decided to come out and speak the truth if the situation demands.`

Looks like this battle is far from over.

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