Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Exclusive photos of Ahana and Vaibhav’s engagement

In a private ceremony, Hema Malini
and Dharmendra’s younger daughter Ahana Deol got engaged to a Delhi based businessman Vaibhav Vora

Vaibhav Vora and we bring to the exclusive photos of Ahana and Vaibhav’s engagement images.  Vaibhav like a true lover went down on his knees and put on the engagement ring on Ahana’s finger. Both looked a like perfect couple.
The engagement took place at Hema Malini’s juhu bungalow in the attendance of close family members and relatives. Ahana wore a shiny saree and she looked gorgeous. Hema Malini posed with his two son-in-laws, Bharat Takhtani and Vaibhav. Last year in June, Bharat got married to Esha Deol.  Ahana met Vaibhav at Esha’s wedding last year and they fell for each other.
Dharmendra, Hema Malini, Esha, Bharat, Ahana, Vaibhav posed for the shutterbugs. Ahana like Esha did not feel interested for Bollywood. She is a trained classical dancer and also runs a small studio at home. She is also an accomplished fashion designer.
The wedding is expected to take place in November. Says Hema, “It was all so sudden but not unexpected. Dharamji had seen Vaibhav at Esha’s wedding. He comes from a well-to-do and cultured business family in Gurgaon. At Dharamji’s suggestion Ahana started meeting Vaibhav. I guess they started liking each other.”
Vaibhav took Ahana for a holiday to Istanbul where he proposed to her. And she readily accepted. The couple informed their respective parents.
Says Hema, “We had to rush the engagement ceremony because Dharamji was scheduled to leave for the US later during the week. The wedding would now happen in winter.” A date is being worked out in November. It is expected to take place in Gurgaon. Says the jubilant mother, “I couldn’t have hoped for a better closure to my two daughters search for the right partner. Esha chose Bharat who is a perfect husband. He looks after her so well. And now Ahana seems to have found herself an equally good partner. Both my daughters would be married off within a year of one another. Now  Dharamji and I can breathe easy.”
ahana deol
ahana deol
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ahana deol
ahana deol
ahana deol
ahana deol

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