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Nargis Fakhri's Candid confessions

Nargis Fakhri`s Candid confessions

In a freewheeling interview Nargis Fakhri talks about her tryst with B-Town, handling media speculation and living it up in Mumbai

Whether it's acting or life, actor Nargis Fakhri believes in being adventurous. The Rockstar actor who has three films on the anvil says that insecurity has never been an issue for her.

`A person's true age is reflected by his thoughts and not by his years, `says Nargis, who started her Bollywood journey rather late in life. In a free-wheeling interview with CS, she talks about her tryst with B-Town, handling media speculation and living it up in Mumbai:

Journey so far....
I have always prided myself for being a flexible and adaptable person who loves new challenges. Through this experience so far, I have been able to immerse myself in the Indian culture, learn and improve my Hindi, learn dance and express myself in a different type of art form.

It has also been a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with so many new people. Every day is a new lesson. The day this gets boring, I will start looking for a new adventure.

Taking it in stride
As for criticism and praise, I feel that both are of equal value. With criticism, I know which skills to improve on, and with praise I know which skill sets to highlight. It took a while to get used to both; some people can be very generous and some people can be unnecessarily nasty. The key is to have a sensible filter. You have to be able to accept and laugh off the good and the bad.

Mumbai masti
Unfortunately, I don't get to spend much time in Mumbai because I am constantly travelling to some part of the country. I can't complain because I am a travel junkie, but I like coming back home, getting some time to myself, before the next hectic day.

I love everything about the city, be it the culture, food or people. I have also been fortunate to explore other parts of India and I find the different aspects of this country very intriguing.

Gossip gal
If I were to let myself get upset about every piece of gossip or inaccurate report, I wouldn't be a very happy person. I love to smile and I love to laugh, so I don't let these things spoil my day! The media at the end of the day is doing their job.

The fact is that where there is demand there is supply. People like reading about an actor's personal life, seeing pictures, etc. Unfortunately, we end up getting the raw end of the deal. But I think I'm getting used to it now.

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