Saturday, 22 June 2013

Ouch! Any vanity issues, Anushka?

Ouch! Any vanity issues, Anushka?

Apparently, the actress locked herself inside her van after seeing extra with similar make-up

Now, we have all heard about actresses apparently clashing with each over bagging films and preferred co-stars.

Insiders say that Anushka Sharma recently threw a tantrum on the sets of an ad film for a skin care brand. While at the location in Mumbai, Anushka apparently spotted an extra sporting a similar hairstyle and make- up as her.

A source from the sets says, `Anushka is a very sorted actress. But that day turned out to be a bit different. She was very miffed and went back to her vanity van and refused to return for the shoot until the other girl's look was changed.`

It was only after the extra's hair and make-up were altered that Anushka finally agreed to resume shooting. Anushka's spokesperson vehemently denies the buzz. `There is not an iota of truth in this,` she states.

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