Saturday 8 June 2013

Poonam Pandey to strip down in her next

The leggy lass, Poonam Pandey who is a model turned actress always seems to be in the news either for her publicity stunts or for posting her controversial cleavage showing pictures on blogging sites. This time the controversial actress created a buzz by daring to strip in her debut movie, ‘Nasha’ which is going to be released somewhere in mid-summer 2013.
The movie is directed by Amit Saxena who earlier directed ‘Jism’. Film maker Mukesh Bhatt applauds the director and his actress by telling that the actress has a shining and bright future in Bollywood. He tells, “I am confident that after this film, she (Poonam) will have a very bright future ahead.” When asked about his take on striping, the noted film maker said, “There is nothing wrong in (exposing and showing off). If you have a beautiful body and show it, there is nothing wrong in it. Who are you and I to take any moral stand on that.” Bhatt said during the first-look launch of the movie, recently. He further added, “It’s the need of the script and you are an actor, so you have to deliver what the script demands.”
The first look poster of the movie gives the hint of the erotic nature of the movie. It shows semi nude body figures in various positions on a black background and the tag line reads ‘get addicted’. Poonam Pandey believes the movie to be an all-out adult movie and hopes that the movie clears sensor board.  "Yes, it's an adult film, it's a bold film but the script is very strong. I know people love to watch bold films, but for me, the script matters. The story of this film is great. My family is very happy with my debut film. They are saying it's the right move." Poonam told this in her interview. Promoting the movie, she also added, "There are different types of addiction. This film is also about one type of addiction and is certainly a movie that one will remember in the years to come." says the 21-year-old Kingfisher model who was among the top eight contestants for Kishfisher calendar, 2010.
According to this sexy seductress she always wanted to act in movies. "I had over a hundred offers till date to act in all kinds of movies. But I chose this film because I wanted to be the heart of the story and not just a part of the script. I did not merely want to be relegated to be a prop on the set and wanted to act properly in the film and this film that Aditya Bhatia is producing promised to be that movie." says Poonam.

Nasha - First Look
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