Tuesday 18 June 2013

Uday Chopra expresses his love for Nargis on twitter

It seems the Yash Raj lad wants to express his love in a similar romantic fashion as love is portrayed and expressed in Yash Raj Movies. Getting very filmy and romantic, actor Uday Chopra not caring about the rumors that might buzz with his tweets, has expressed his love for actress Nargis Fakhri on the micro blogging site, Twitter.
It all started with Uday bestowing praises to Nagris on Twitter. Earlier the tweets were general and of course humoros, as Uday is known to be witty and funny. Uday began tweeting with, “One unknown fact about @NargisFakhri she loves to travel - god help the man who gets in her way of traveling.(sic)”
Then he mentioned about the favorite things of Nargis. He wrote, “Things @NargisFakhri loves traveling, spas, Doritos, pizza and ME!(sic)”, and then he wrote, “Ok fine I don’t love @NargisFakhri but please don’t tell her that or she’ll kill me.(sic)”
@NargisFakhri: long time no tweet- just asking people, 5 things they are grateful for. Curious to hear what u r grateful for? Do share”
@UdayChopra: “I’m grateful for your beautiful smile, ur gorgeous face, ur amazing body, ur striking personality and ur positivity.”
@NargisFakhri: “Oh Lord, you can do better than that! But thank you for being grateful for my physical attributes.”
@UdayChopra: “My dear Nargis, why involve The Lord when we can amicably settle this between ourselves. I’d love to do better as long as you teach.”
@NargisFakhri: “u r so silly – I’m not talking to u anymore, bye. The lovebirds have found a new way of PDA.”
The tweet clearly shows that something was cooking up between the two actors. And then he again put that “just friends” tag. For some time they kept on moving between committed to non committed status.
And then Uday tweeted something that raised the curtain from all the suspense. He tweeted to Nargis , “Nargis did you know we are related. Your future sons' father is my fathers' son.” He further added, “Nargis when you are around...who needs dessert?”
It clearly shows that the actor is quite serious about Nargis and it is also rumored that Uday plans to tie knot with Nargis in March next year.
Uday Chopra and Nargis Fakhri have been spotted at various public places like malls, theaters and coffee shops together.
Uday Chopra is an actor, producer and assistant director. He is son of late Yash Raj Chopra.
Nargis Fakhri is an American model turned actress. She made her Bollywood debut with “Rockstar”(2011).

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