Thursday 13 June 2013

Zarina Wahab meets Jiah Khan’s mother

On Tuesday evening, Zarina Wahab decided to pay an unannounced visit to the late Jiah Khan’s mother -  Rabia Amin Khan.
It was the first time that the two mothers came face to face.
The meeting between the two grieving mothers apparently didn’t go too well.
A friend of the Pancholis reports that Rabia Khan met the gregarious Zarina coldly. Adds the friend, “Rabiya made it very clear that she wasn’t really interested in meeting Zarina Wahab nor  in talking to her face to face. Rabiya had a foreigner friend named Tom with her all through the time that Zarina spent with Rabia.”
Apparently, Zarina made it clear at the outset of the meeting that she hadn’t come to meet Jiah’s mother for any kind of settlement regarding Suraj Pancholi’s arrest.
Adds the friend, “Zarina said that she had just come to pay a courtesy visit as one troubled mother to another. However, Rabiya Khan was curt, impatient and in a hurry to end the meeting. She threw a lot  of  accusations at Zarina, saying that Suraj ill-treated her ‘phool si bachchi’.Rabiya also warned Zarina that she had CCTV footage of Suraj being unkind to Jiah. Zarina tried to explain to Rabiya that there was no point in accusations and counter-accusations when Jiah was gone. However, Mrs Khan was in no mood to listen.  Rabiya's foreigner friend courteously told Zarina, ‘No more questions,please!’ Maybe, he mistook her for a journalist. Zarina left soon after. She saw no point in stretching a conversation that was going nowhere.”
When contacted, Zarina Wahab said she had indeed paid Jiah’s mother a visit . “But it was not to pacify her or to work out any compromise in my son’s favour. If he has done any wrong, let him suffer the consequences. No, I went just as one mother reaching out to another. I suggested we go inside the house because there were a lot of media persons outside. Rabiaji was in no mood for  any conversation with me. I wouldn’t want to  discuss what we spoke about.”
Says Zarina, “When Rabiaji says my son Suraj was not the right person for her daughter, I completely agree with her. Jiah needed someone much more mature and experienced to take care of her. My son is just starting out. Jiah is supposed to have said in the letter that my son never loved her the way she did. I completely agree with that. Jiah was too much in love with my son. He just couldn’t reciprocate the same. But, he cared deeply for her in his own way.”
Zarina reveals that on May 18, Jiah landed up at the Pancholis’ doorstep in an emotionally disturbed condition. “She told us she had quarreled with her mother. She was very upset. Suraj sat her down. He had a doctor’s appointment. So he told others in the house not to leave her alone for a single moment. Suraj knew she could harm herself.”
Zarina also refutes Rabia’s claims that Suraj sent a “breakup bouquet” to Jiah on the ill-fated Monday  when she passed away. “That is nonsense.  What is a breakup bouquet? Jiah told Suraj that she had signed three new films. Suraj told his assistant to order a bouquet and the card read, ‘All The Best’. I know because I found out. Suraj did not meet Jiah that  Monday at all. So, how could  he have hit her? In fact, my son never raised his hand on Jiah or any women. I would disown him if he did. Her mother claims she has CCTV footage of my son visiting Jiah on Monday. Either she is hallucinating or lying. My son did not meet Jiah on the day she died.”

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