Thursday 31 January 2013

How Sangeeta Bijlani still looks gorgeous at 50

How Sangeeta Bijlani still looks gorgeous at 50

Though she's crossed 50, actor Sangeeta Bijlani is still as gorgeous as in her heydays

The lady who is known for her impeccable fashion sense in party circles, in a short chat with CS, discloses her style mantras:

Style check
First of all, style is all about comfort. And it's more about attitude than about the actual clothes. If you have the right amount of confidence you can carry off anything. I firmly believe that one shouldn't go over the top with fashion trends. Everything doesn't suit everybody. One should understand one's comfort quotient and experiment accordingly.

White mischief
White has always been my favourite colour. It stands for purity and innocence. Whenever I wear white I feel very serene. It is not only in clothes, but I also love white furnishings.

In my clothes
There is a lot of variety in my wardrobe. In Indian wear, I love sarees. I feel it's the sexiest garment ever. The drape of a sari is so sensuous and supple. I also like waistcoats that can be teamed with an Indian dhoti/skirt or with a pair of jeans too. Otherwise, I keep my dressing very casual.

Shoe sweet
I had a huge fetish for shoes. In my younger days, I used to collect them but that has stopped now. Even now my shoe collection is larger than the number of handbags or jewellery I own.

I love...
I think Sonam Kapoor is the best-dressed actress in Bollywood. She's elegant, experimental and knowledgeable about fashion. Every time you see her, she's got a different look.

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