Wednesday 30 January 2013

Music composer Jatin-Lalit’s missing sister's skull found

Police discovered a skull of an unidentified body upon at the marshlands near Delhi Public School (DPS) in Nerul (West) on Sunday and geologist Michael John Oates stumbled upon the skull and finally the owner of the skull was identified and it was none other than Sandhya Singh, sister of renowned music-composer duo Jatin-Lalit and yesteryear actresses Vijayta Pandit and Sulakshana Pandit who was missing since December 13th.
The police have also recovered a salwar kameez, a gold chain and a rudraksh near the skull, after digging at the spot. The family was informed and later they identified these items as Sandhya’s belongings.
Sandhya went to deposit her jewellery at a bank in Nerul on December 13th and since then she was missing. She used to stay with her husband, central excise commissioner Jayprakash Singh, in Vashi.
“Oates, who had come for the Mumbai Bird Race, returned from Karnala Bird Sanctuary and was bird watching at Palm Beach, when he found the skull,” said SPI Suresh Vedak of NRI police station, Navi Mumbai.
“He took pictures of it and informed us. We immediately checked all the complaints for missing persons and informed the families of missing victims about the discovery of a skull,” said Vedak.
The NRI police, with help from a team sent by the Kalina Forensic laboratory, dug up the spot and found a gold chain, a rudraksh bead, and a wig. “Firstly, a skull and seven bones were found at the spot. We showed these objects and also a salwar kameez to the family members and they have identified them as Sandhya’s belongings. The family also identified the skull as Sandhya’s by the presence of a tooth that was fitted with a cap,” said Vedak.
The police will now send the remains to the anatomy department at J J Hospital and to the Kalina laboratory for further information as when she was killed. “The missing complaint was registered at Nerul police station, so we will transfer the case to them for further investigations,” said Vedak.
Music composer Lalit said, “If the police would have taken our missing complaint seriously, they could have saved our sister, who is no more with us.”
Sandhya has a great passion for jewelry and police suspects that Sandhya was murdered due to heavy jewellery. On the day she went missing, she was wearing jewellery worth about Rs 20 lakh.
The family and Nerul police had declared a reward of Rs 50,000 to anyone who could provide information about Sandhya but destiny has stored something else.

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