Thursday 31 January 2013

“Vishwaroopam”: Kamal Haasan decides to take case to Supreme Court

The two-week ban on his film “Vishwaroopam” has been a misfortune for Kamal Haasan. The actor now has planned to take his skirmish to the Supreme Court.
This ban had been organized by the government of Tamil Nadu a week back. Reason being, certain Muslim groups had claimed that the film had depicted their community in an offensive way. Yesterday, the High Court of Madras defended that ban. Therefore the lawyers of the actor are now planning to take this case to the Supreme Court as early as possible.
After the actor failed to get the injunction on his movie removed, he appeared for his fans on the terrace of his workplace and told them to stay patient. He said, “I am struggling for justice”. He added, “don't give in to anger."
Also a few minutes before he was defeated in court, the actor said that he was ready to remove certain contentious words and scenes from the film. He said, “My Muslim family has reached out to me... we have settled amicably."
The film was originally supposed to release on the 25th of January but got banned for two-weeks by the Government of Tamil Nadu on the 23rd of January. This incident forced Kamal Haasan to move to the High Court. With High Court supporting the ban now, it means that the film will not get released in Tamil Nadu until Wednesday, the 6th of February.
A press conference that was held yesterday morning saw the actor vent his angst. He suggested that this ban reflected that India is no longer secular. He also threatened to leave India if the injunction was not lifted. He said, “If there is no secular state in India, I would go overseas.” The actor will be leaving for Mumbai today as the Hindi edition of his movie is all set to release this Friday.
A few hours later he made his decision known to all of re-editing the film. This seemed as a contrasting stand on the issue. However, those close to the actor said that it is the financial pressure, of making such a big-budget film, which has forced him to compromise on the issue. The actor also revealed that his house and extra such properties have been vouchsafed to a money-lender. Chandra, who is his brother, revealed that the film has lost Rs 30 - 60 crores due to the ban.
Sources have revealed that the actor’s fans have realised that this issue is not completely free from politics. By supporting the Muslim protestors the ruling party AIADMK is actually playing upon a votebank theory.

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