Tuesday 23 April 2013

Aashka Goradia catches thief singlehandedly

We have all seen her, and probably hated her too while reluctantly admiring her beauty. Aashka Goradia is well known in the world of television serials where she often portrays a negative role. She was last seen in Subh Bibaha as an ill intentioned seductress. But the real life is quite different from the reel life of this spunky lady. She has singlehandedly caught a thief to help her friend. She has truly turned out to be a friend in need.
Aashka’s friend Maher runs a spa. It was only recently that she found her trusted employee and manager was systematically cheating her over the course of one year. By the time the theft was discovered, the culprit had vanished along with the cash. It was estimated to be about Rs. 25 lakhs. “By the time we figured it out, he had run away. We went to his house but he had gone back to his hometown somewhere in Orissa. Then we filed a police complaint.”
However, not much was heard about the thief or the missing money and it was sheer bad luck on the part of the missing manager that he ran across Aashka. She was driving her car and waiting near the signals at Four Bungalows in Andheri. Suddenly she spotted the man, but she did not want to scare him away. He would have recognized her car at a glance. So, Aashka drove carefully and slowly and finally stopped in front of him blocking his way.
 “When he saw me he was shocked. He tried to run away but I blocked him with the car door and said that if he scoots I will scream and the public will bash him up. He had a choice of coming with me to the cops or getting beaten up,” the actress also warned him that if he was thinking of raising his hand or attacking her in any way, she will start screaming and the rest is up to the caring public of Mumbai. She would also charge him with robbery or even something more. “That scared him. In the meantime I called my friend and she along with 10 people came down to the spot and together we took him to the police station.”
 Aashka will soon be seen as Bhatiyani, the evil stepmother of Maharana Pratap in the upcoming mega serial on Sony, Barat Ka Veer Putra – Maharana Pratap.

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