Thursday 14 February 2013

30 yrs after ‘Sadma’, Kamal Hassan teams up with Sridevi

After three decades, if everything goes well we will again get to see two versatile actors of cinema Kamal Hassan and Sridevi romancing. They last acted together in super-hit movie, ‘Sadma’ which is considered to be an iconic movie. It is still alive in the mind of the audience. In this movie, Sridevi and Kamal Haasan gave a rocking performance.
After 30 years, Kamal is planning to team up with Sridevi who made her comeback with Gauri Shinde’s ‘English Vinglish’.  Kamal who latest controversial movie, ‘Vishwaroopam’ declared a hit, the actor is penning the sequel of the movie and he too informed that he is penning a script for Sridevi as well.
Talking to a tabloid, a source said, “Filmmakers along the years have wanted to cast them together. Unfortunately, it never worked out. After Sridevi made her comeback, Kamal has now taken things into his own hands.”

He said, “Yes, I want to work with Sridevi. I`m writing a script for her, so that both of us can act in the film." And incidentally, Sridevi already knows that Kamal Haasan is penning a script. A friend of the actress said, "She knows about this script. In fact when Kamal was in Mumbai recently, he had informed Sridevi about it. The actress is looking forward to the film."
Kamal always wanted to work with Sridevi but the diva was away from filmdom for several years and hence he did not get the opportunity to work with her again and now that Sridevi is also back to acting, Kamal quickly grab the opportunity to work with his most favorite co-star.Both

Sridevi and Kamal Hassan are from South. Their on-screen chemistry sparked like fire and ‘Sadma’ is the best example of it. Sridevi’s comeback movie was highly appreciated and her performance was also highly lauded.

Hope, Kamal and Sridevi together revive another ‘Sadma’!

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