Friday, 15 February 2013

Bollywood beckons singer Shweta Pandit

Bollywood beckons singer Shweta Pandit

Post her first film, Shweta is now ready to pursue acting seriously along with her music career

From behind the cameras, Shweta Pandit finally took her place under the arc lights with Bejoy Nambiar's David. And happy with the good response her performance has received, the singer-turned-actor has decided to stay put in front of the cameras.

Shweta is now ready to strike a perfect balance between her two careers. She says, `Honestly it wasn't a planned thing. Bejoy has a great ear for music and we have seen that even in Shaitaan. He comes from the Mani Ratnam school of filmmaking and he is one of the few directors who gives music a lot of importance.`

Bejoy apparently had asked Shweta to meet him before making David and the singer thought the meeting was for the film's music.

`I was stunned when he showed me some parts of the story (Vikram's portions) and asked me to act in it. I thought that he was joking but he said that I was perfect for the role, ` states Shweta.

Although it was her first film, the singer-actress says Bejoy showed immense faith and confidence in her. Says Shweta, `I was glad that he cast me in the film not for my looks but saw the acting ability in me. I also shot for the Tamil version of the film.`

And speaking like a pro, Shweta adds, `David was my acid test and I am glad that I have got a good start. I want to work with directors who can cast me right. Music is my passion and I want to strike a balance between the two.`

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