Friday 1 February 2013

'I won't deny that I am under some external pressure now'

`I won`t deny that I am under some external pressure now`

Having won audiences' hearts on home ground, director Gauri Shinde also visited a number of international film festivals with her directorial debut English Vinglish.

The talented director talks to CS about fame and films:

Face it!
Now that I am in it, I can't avoid it. So, I can be myself - spontaneous. In person, I am a very straight-forward and honest person. Not that I can be completely blunt, but I try to be honest. This behaviour has also got me in trouble earlier.

I have been misinterpreted and misquoted a lot of times. So now, I have become more careful. I am a normal human being who is bound to emote. I can't be politically correct or diplomatic all the time.

Take a break
After all this, what I am really looking forward to is a break. People have been talking about my next film and also the fact that it will be women centric. But I will decide my next film on the topic that catches my eye. As of now, nothing has struck me, in order to think about a new script. But I want to take a holiday so that I can start afresh.

Girls will be girls
As far as the rumour of women centric films is concerned, I make films because the issues interest me and not because I am a woman. It's not about the gender but about who I am. I am a very stylish filmmaker who makes entertaining yet meaningful cinema.

I choose the topics which interest me. In fact, contrary to belief, the film industry is one place where you have many women around. I mean, I had so many women co-workers and associates working with me on the project. It is an enjoyable experience. And after all, if men can make men centric films why can't women? (laughs)

Pressure perfect
Filmmaking is enjoyable, yet there is a lot of pressure. But I am a person who doesn't succumb to internal pressure. I am in no hurry to prove myself.

My fuel is exciting ideas. External pressure is scary and can get to you. I am just praying hard that this pressure shouldn't get to me. I want to make films because I love it. I won't deny that I am under some external pressure now.

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