Monday, 11 February 2013

Is Vikram Bhatt's new film poster a rip-off?

Is Vikram Bhatt`s new film poster a rip-off?

Sources allege that the poster of Vikram Bhatt's creature film is apparently inspired by an international project by David Ellis

After getting 'inspired' from Hollywood films, the case of blatantly copying film posters also seems to be on the rise these days. Sources say that Vikram Bhatt, whose Raaz was apparently a copy of the Hollywood film What Lies Beneath, has allegedly taken pointers from the poster of another international film for his upcoming project with Bipasha Basu. Incidentally, in both the films, certain 'creatures' are part of the storyline.

A source says, `Vikram's poster looks like that of Humpty Dumpty 3D, produced by Mark Ordesky (The Lord Of the Rings series) and directed by David Ellis.

However Vikram argues, `Some say it's Jeepers Creepers and some say it's Humpty Dumpty. The fact is that this is out of a sequence in the film where the creature attacks a person stuck in a barn. Also, we have shown just the eye so that the audience can't wait to see the rest of the creature.`

Humpty Dumpty is based on the murderous revenge by a dangerous egg-shaped creature whose mother is tortured and killed by two brothers.

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