Sunday, 10 February 2013

Neha Sharma get bug bites during love scene

Neha Sharma get bug bites during love scene

Neha Sharma and her co- star Vivek Oberoi suffered from bedbug bites during an intimate shoot on a bed

While shooting for an intimate scene with co-star Vivek Oberoi, Neha Sharma found her in the middle of a rather difficult situation.

Neha was not only nervous to shoot the scene, the situation took a turn for the worse after a horde of bedbugs attacked her during the filming.

A source says, `Both Neha and Vivek were nervous. Neha was especially apprehensive as she is a newcomer. So we gave them their own time to prep for the scene.`

And when they lay down on a bed in the sets, both the actors ended up with some vicious-looking rashes. The source adds, `We didn't know there were bedbugs on the bed. Neha had red patches all over her body. The incident helped Neha to ease up a little as she broke into laughter.`

Producer Kumar Taurani says, `We had to do our best to make Neha comfortable after that.`

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