Friday, 1 February 2013

OMG! Sunny Leone has a soft spot for Aamir Khan

OMG! Sunny Leone has a soft spot for Aamir Khan

Sunny Leone is balancing her career in Bollywood and her work towards animal rights these days. Sreya Basu speaks to the actress in Mumbai

Have you started shooting for your second Hindi film Ragini MMS 2?
Yes, I have just started shooting for Ragini MMS 2 and I hope you will all watch it. We are going to make an awesome movie.

What are your expectations from the film?
My expectations are very high. This is my first horror film and even while shooting it feels a little scary at times.

How is it working with Ekta Kapoor for Ragini MMS 2?
Well, I have just started working with Ms Ekta Kapoor. Everything so far is absolutely amazing ... be it the songs or the art direction ... we are going to jump at you from the screen and scare you.

You visited Siddhivinayak Temple on the first day of the shoot for the film.
Yes. This was my first visit to a temple in India. The ambience was wonderful.

You are pursuing your career in Bollywood very seriously. Where do you see yourself in the next four-five years?
I just want to continue being Sunny Leone.

Do you have an inspiration in Bollywood?
I admire hard work and people who work hard in their respective industry. That inspires me.

Which Bollywood actor are you really fond of?
I always have a soft spot for Aamir Khan; I didn't get to watch his movies, but I am a fan.

These days you are wearing a lot of Indian outfits.
(Laughs) I am loving Indian outfits. I even got sarees made for me and all these are really exciting for me.

How are your Hindi lessons going?
Well, now I can continue a conversation in Hindi.

Have you been able to adjust yourself with Indian food?
Oh yes, I am loving all the spicy delicacies. In fact, I am in love with gol gappas.

You are also working for animal rights.
I just want to spread awareness about the conditions of animals around us. We all have seen animals who are not well out there and are not treated well. I want to spread this message that if anyone sees someone abusing an animal, he/she should speak up. And show your love - adopt a dog or a cat.

Recently you were seen spreading awareness on sterilizing dogs and cats on behalf of PETA. Why do you think this move is important?
I know most people believe that animals should have the freedom to be with whichever animal they want to be with. But it's very important to sterilize your dogs and cats as there are so many out there already and they also need a home. I would suggest you provide shelter to those homeless animals. Don't create another cycle of life that can't be taken care of.

Have you ever adopted a dog or a cat?
Yes. I have also adopted two such dogs and they are my family. They both are sterilized and they love each other. That's my point - even if you get a dog or a cat from a shelter, it makes no difference.

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