Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Randeep Hooda struggles to lip sync

As the sensual crime thriller ‘Murder 3’ gears up for its release on 15th February 2013 everything related to it is becoming NEWS. No wonder they are doing wonders for the promotions of the film. Now the news is out that the main actor of the movie, Randeep Hooda had a tough time lip syncing the song ‘Hasratein’ in the movie ‘Murder 3’. He couldn’t convincingly act that he is singing the song. Now this created quite a bit of hitch in the shooting schedule of the movie as it got indefinitely delayed.
However Rajeev Surti the choreographer didn’t lose hope and took up the task of making him perform perfectly. Rajeev prescribed rigorous rehearsals for the actor. After numerous grueling sessions Randeep managed to flawlessly lip sync with the song. This uplifted the mood at the sets. Though he did fine in the rehearsals the entire crew was curious about how he will perform during the final shoot and were keeping the fingers crossed.
Randeep did a splendid job during the final take and put all the doubts to rest. According to a source "But Randeep was bang on not only lip-syncing but also giving the perfect expressions. In fact Vishesh bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt and the entire unit applauded the actor's efforts."
Speaking about lip sync, lip kissing comes to mind. The former ‘serial kisser’ Emraan Hashmi starred in the first two installments of the ‘Murder’ movie series. However, the actor wished to break free from this image and therefore decided to opt out of the movie ‘Murder 3’. Emraan speaking about his conscious effort to change his image stated that, “Whatever scripts come my way I have to choose from them. As in the industry a persona is performed. This film (‘Ghanchakkar’) has got U/A certificate. As an actor I am trying to create my own aura by choosing films that I am offered.”
It seems that the opting out of Emraan has been lucky for Randeep Hooda as he managed to grab the central role in ‘Murder 3’. This is the directorial venture of Mahesh Bhatt’s son Vishesh Bhatt and the film is produced by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. The movie is the adaptation of the super hit Spanish thriller ‘La Cara Oculta’. The official rights of the Andres Baiz directed movie was purchased to avoid legal liabilities. We certainly hope that ‘Murder 3’ will live up to the expectation and deliver us a great entertainer.

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