Tuesday 12 February 2013

Reliving the Leopold moments with RGV

Reliving the Leopold moments with RGV

"I would not term The Attacks of 26/11 a film. It is something you can only experience -- you will walk out of the theatre silently. Ramu's chronicling of the attacks is so gripping. Why I did the film? It is because it shows why such incidents happen and I like Ramu's comment of the subject."

Thus echoed Nana at the music launch of The Attacks of 26/11 at the Leopold Cafe. Unlike other musical events, this one was replete with stories by survivors Reuters Journalist Sourav Mishra and Filmmaker Kate Chailate, soulful singing by Sukhwinder, Rooshin Dalal and Sooraj Jagan, and moments relived by RGV and Nana.

Said Ram Gopal Varma, "The idea to hold it at Leopold was because the place mattered to the film. We shot at Leopold Cafe because I could think of no better location that this to bring out the significance of this occasion.

The mood was sombre and the event did not resemble a typical Bollywood movie music launch and there was a dash of pathos in Nana's voice, tremendous restraint in Ram Gopal Varma's demeanour and a few drop of tears in Kate's eyes.

Ram Gopal Varma's The Attacks of 26/11, produced by Parag Sanghavi of Alumbra Entertainment and Eros International, is all set for a March 1 release.

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