Sunday 10 February 2013

Salman knew he would injure or kill people

It seems the law and order has taken the responsibility of pulling down Salman Khan from cloud nine after his consecutive back to back hits. The actor is having a good run at the box office due to the hits ‘Wanted’, ‘Dabaang’, ‘Bodyguard’, ‘Ek the Tiger’, and ‘Dabaang 2’. Few of them even reached the 100 crore club, a new fashionable and glamorous success indicator of the film industry. Besides the actor has been busy with his NGO ‘being Human’ as well in the free times that he gets.
However, it seems the long hand of the law has reached out from the past and caught up with the actor. First the case for Black Buck hunting is due to form new charge sheets against the actor and it is well accepted that the actor won’t be easily let off in this case. Salman Khan along with his eminent co-stars of the movie ‘Hum saath saath hain’ went for deer hunting. This is an incident that took place in the year 1998.
But that is not all, currently the actor is in the headline for his hit and run case. In a drunken driving spree the actor has killed one and injured four. The fatal incident took place on the night of 28th September 2002. The actor was drunk and driving his Toyota Land Cruiser to home. He was driving at a speed of 90 to 100 kmph. During taking a turn he completely lost control of the car and rammed into a bakery at the roadside and in the process killed one and injured four, who were sleeping on the pavement.
The actor was charged with IPC Section 304 A for rash and negligent driving. However, as new evidences came to light, Salman is now also charged with IPC Section 304 part II which is culpable homicide not amounting to murder. If he is found guilty under the new section he may receive a maximum jail term of ten years.  
This new charge was levied on him as the magistrate observed that he was aware that his drunken driving may kill or injure others. He was aware since his police bodyguard, Ravindra Patil told him not to drive so fast as a bend was approaching and such fast driving may lead to accident. However, the actor didn’t pay any attention and ended up with the accident.

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