Friday 15 February 2013

Suneel Darshan to launch son Shiv in his next film

Suneel Darshan to launch son Shiv in his next film

Prolific filmmaker Suneel Darshan is all set to launch his son Shiv Darshan in Karle Pyar Karle under his banner Shree Krishna International

Darshan, who has been the man to launch successful careers of Priyanka Chopra and Lara Dutta with Andaaz and reviving Akshay Kumar's career with Jaanwar, has already started shooting for the film in and around Mumbai.

Darshan, who last made Shakalaka Boom Boom, took a five-year break and has left no stone unturned to launch his son Shiv. His prime reason to give a break to Shiv was not only because he is his son and it's the norm in the industry but also the fact that he found Shiv to be extremely talented and committed towards his goal.

On his long absence from the industry Darshan says, `Five years is surely a long time for any filmmaker and the insecurity of becoming a fossil, unless one is sure of his craft and the ability to assemble it.

After working timelessly for two decades and having made a dozen films like Lootere, Ajay, Jaanwar, Ek Rishtaa and Andaaz amongst others, I chose to take a break to understand the changing times and face of cinema, so as to stay abreast with trends and to return rejuvenated.

I needed motivation to move forward - in the past it was first to realise one's dreams, then to consolidate achievements and now the motivation is backed by my desire to return to cinema more than what I feel it gave me. I am convinced that Shiv is my payback with love and humility to the world of films.`

Speaking about giving breaks to multiple stars, Darshan says, `Stars have become very powerful today. In fact, I observe that they are even more powerful than the films they endorse. Hence to make any such claims would be a faux pas. I am truly humbled by the opportunity I've got to launch or to contribute to the consolidation of several leading actors of today.`

On the subject of reviving Akshay's career, Darshan however is not so forthcoming to speak. He states, `For Shiv I have selected a subject wherein the protagonist's role fits him like a glove. Chhodo na yaar... Let's talk about the present. Akshay was part of my cinema, which turned to be mutually beneficial. And then it was time to move on... That's life!`

And according to Darshan, Shiv is all set to take on the actor's mantle. `Shiv has dashing looks, talent honed by some of the best institutes in India and New York and he has the backing of a sharp sighted and experienced filmmaker as his father. All that he needs now is to seek his audience and media patronage and lady luck by his side.`

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