Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sunny Leone slaps legal notice on Kamaal R Khan

Sunny Leone, the Canada based pornographic star of Indian origin got her first big Bollywood break thanks  to the reality TV show ‘Big Boss’. It was this platform that helped her showcase her talent and an obviously impressed Mahesh Bhatt even visited the sets to get her recruited for the film ‘Murder 2’. The public interest was high on her due to the profession she belonged to and she was well received in the film. Now her kitty is full with other film offers. ‘Ragini MMS 2’ is her next film in line to get released.
‘Big Boss’ not only have given her fair share of opportunities and good luck but also a good enemy in the form of Kamaal R Khan. We do not know whether these are all a publicity gaining stunt or not but the actress landed in an unnecessary controversy due to her provocative tweet. This tweet caused a stir in the networking site and drew angry reactions.
However, it was Kamaal R Khan who sent the controversy spiraling out of limit with his inflammatory tweet “Ye lo… Sunny Leone says — Rape is not a Crime, It’s just a Surprise Sex.” This is what he claimed that Sunny Leone has said. But Sunny vehemently denied that she has said something so insensitive and her twitter stream also doesn’t show any quote in line with what Kamaal R Khan claims.
Sunny Leone said “This whole issue is quite sad. I never made this statement at all. No woman in this entire world would. He has written it and tagged me on it. He has not ‘retweeted’ my comment. I believe rapists need psychological help. They need to be institutionalised.”
Sunny has rightfully slapped a legal notice to Kamaal R Khan. The provocative Khan reacting to the legal notice Tweeted again that “Now I have all the rights to file a complain against sunny Leone and I shall do it today only.”
Sunny Leone commenting on this incident farther added, “This is a silly comment made by some idiot. I didn’t want to encourage him by responding to such things, but it’s a sensitive issue, especially after what happened in Delhi. Questions should be turned to him. If he thinks the comment was ok, his ethics should be questioned. The world that I come from may or may not be accepted here, but I am someone’s wife and daughter. I don’t care what people think about me. Call me every name in the book, but don’t associate me with a criminal act.”

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