Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sunny Leone sues KRK. Angry KRK hits back

Sunny Leone sues KRK. Angry KRK hits back

Following the recent reports of adult film star Sunny Leone filing a complaint against Kamaal Rashid Khan for falsely attributing controversial comments on rape to her on Twitter, Kamaal has decided to retaliate and file a complaint against Sunny

Kamaal tweeted on Wednesday afternoon, "I shall file case against Sunny Leone at Versova police station at 2 pm today. "

We spoke to the controversy king himself over the entire episode to which he replied, "I have not done anything. It is Sunny who has tweeted it and then realised her folly. So she deleted it. She has registered a complaint in Cyber Crime Investigation Cell against me. But I did not write anything.

Now I am going to police station with my lawyer to file a complaint for defaming and using my name falsely for publicity. Now I will make her life miserable by lodging 10 different cases against her in various cities. "

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