Saturday, 2 February 2013

Vivek skips his own film's event

Vivek skips his own film`s event

Vivek Oberoi bows out of his film's music launch co-starring Sanjay Dutt to attend another event

At the time of the music launch of his upcoming film with close friend Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi was nowhere to be seen. Reason being he had decided to attend another film event at the same time.

Sources say that Vivek had already given his word to the makers of his film with Neha Sharma that he would attend their promotional event. However, at the last minute the makers of the Sanjay-Vivek starrer organised the launch in Hyderabad. Left with no choice, Vivek apparently had to pick the one he had committed to earlier.

A source says, `Vivek plays a pivotal role in Vinod Bachchan's film. There were some murmurs about his absence. Thanks to his public image, people thought it was all part of some controversy.`

A friend of the actor states, `The other event was in Mumbai. And Bachchan's event in Hyderabad was planned at the last moment. Vivek was told about it only a day in advance. It didn't seem proper to him to cancel his other engagement.`

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