Thursday, 31 January 2013

Poonam Pandey: I am a woman who loves to 'stay on top' in lovemaking scenes

Poonam Pandey: I am a woman who loves to `stay on top` in lovemaking scenes

It's a tough task to pin down actor Poonam Pandey, and especially when the 22-yr-old is just taking her first steps in Bollywood.

Directed by Amit Saxena and produced by Eagle Extertainment, Poonam Pandey's debut venture Nasha promises to offer the leggy lass the right exposure she needs at this stage of her career.

The film is laced with sensuous lovemaking scenes and the number of postures that have been canned could give Vatsayana a run for his money.

Most of the scenes have Poonam taking charge, both literally and physically, and owning the screen with her sensuous rhythmic body movements.

`I am a woman who loves to stay on top,` winks Poonam mischievously when probed about her lovemaking scenes.

`We have explored almost every posture in the book, and invented a few of our own too,` Poonam adds. `The audience is in for a treat and can take a few lessons in the art of pleasuring their partner.`

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