Friday, 8 February 2013

Emraan Hashmi to be at Berlin film festival

Emraan Hashmi started his career in Bollywood as an assistant director with Vishesh Films for the cult movie ‘Raaz’ (in the year 2002), along with director Vikram Bhatt. He is the nephew of successful director producer duo Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. Pooja Bhatt, Alia Bhatt and Mohit Suri are his cousins.
Emraan Hashmi’s first movie was ‘Footpath’ (released in year 2003) and it was produced by the Bhatt’s. He struck gold with his next Bhatt movie ‘Murder’ in the year 2004. Since then there was no looking back and he has gone on to deliver one hit after another with the Bhatt camp. He is often therefore referred to as the golden boy of the Bhatt camp.
The personal life of the actor was also full of new developments as he married his long time sweetheart Parveen Sahani in the year 2006 and they were blessed with a baby boy in the year 2008. The boy is named Ayaan Hashmi.
However all the characters that he played in the films were almost of the same type and he got the name ‘serial kisser’. The critics also doubted his acting abilities as he was getting type casted. In a conscious move to break free from his image the actor started to work in different type of films. His performance was noted and appreciated in the offbeat films such as ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’, ‘Shanghai’ and ‘The dirty picture’.
After proving his worth as an actor he is now seen in other camps frequently other than the Bhatt camp only. Now he is all geared up to walk the red carpet in the prestigious Berlin film festival. He will do it to support Danis Tanovic's film ‘An Episode In The life of an Iron Picker’.
It was heard earlier that Emraan Hashmi is supposed to act in the next film of Danis Tanovic. Prashita Chaudhary’s production house Cinemorphic is going to produce the film along with along with Guneet Monga and Anurag Kashyap’s Sikhya Entertainment in India. They will internationally co-produce the movie with Marc Baschet and Cedomir Kolar.
Guneet Monga from Sikhya Entertainment is visibly excited about the upcoming red carpet event and speaking about it, he said "We are one big family there to support and cheer on for Danis as his film is in competition. I am glad to be producing his next film."

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