Saturday 2 February 2013

Jatin-Lalit's deceased sister Sandhya Singh's son questioned

Jatin-Lalit`s deceased sister Sandhya Singh`s son questioned

Following the discovery of her remains by geologist Michael John Oates in Nerul (West), Sandhya Singh's son was questioned yesterday

Her body was identified on Tuesday with the help of a gold chain, a rudraksh bead, the clothes she was wearing when she went missing on December 13, and a cap on her tooth.

According to police officials, Sandhya's son Raghuvir Singh is being investigated by the Nerul police. According to sources, Raghuvir emerged as the main suspect after a statement taken from noted music composer Lalit Pandit, Sandhya's brother.

An officer from Nerul police station said, `Lalit Pandit in his statement has put the entire blame on his sister's son. According to him, Sandhya and Raghuvir used to fight daily on some issue or the other, but Raghuvir had a girlfriend who was the subject of most of their fights.`

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