Monday 4 February 2013

Salman makes fun of Shahrukh’s acting

Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan’s rivalry dates long back. Their animosity is now a story of the past. Time and again the two rival Khans of Bollywood comment some embarrassing statement about each other and create controversy. Last time Salman Khan backed his enemy Shahrukh Khan when Imam Siddique passed a disliking remark against Shahrukh but this time the hunk insult SRK and said that he overacts.
It all happened when he was shooting for an ad with actress Aamna Shariff. A prominent ad man turned filmmaker shot the ad. The shoot started off well enough. An eyewitness told, "Salman was his usual self. He did not ask any questions while shooting, neither did he expect anyone to interfere with his takes."
There came a point when the actor had to walk towards Aamna, and that too went off without a mistake. But the director was not happy, and requested Salman to walk up to Aamna again. Salman shot back, "Agar walk karana hai toh kisi model to bula lete!"
The unit was bit shocked with Salman’s reaction but slowly the scene at the ad shoot became normal and everyone get back to work. Salman too resumed the shoot. Sallu had to shoot another scene where the camera will zoom on his face and suddenly the product will fall in his hand.
Salman gave his perfect shot in the first two takes, but the director wanted more perfection and asked him for another take. Undeterred by the previous snub, he requested Salman to shoot again so that he gets his expressions right. It was then Salman lost his temper, glared at the director and replied, "Agar acting hi karani hai, toh Hrithik ko le lete." Before anyone could recover, Sallu in his true style delivered another knockout blow, "Aur agar over acting karani hai toh Shah Rukh ko le lete." Saying this, he walked out of the frame.

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