Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I Don't Luv You: Ex-lovers Sasha and Ruslaan set for a clash

I Don`t Luv You: Ex-lovers Sasha and Ruslaan set for a clash

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 13:20 IST
Sasha Agha's 'Aurangzeb' and Ruslaan Mumtaz's 'I Don't Luv You' are set to release on the same day

After a bitter separation, ex-flames Sasha Agha and Ruslaan Mumtaz will now be clashing at the box office as well! Salma Agha's daughter's big screen debut Aurangzeb releases on May 17 -- the same date on which Ruslaan's film ironically titled I Don't Luv You releases.

The two youngsters were involved in a lot of acrimony when apparently an MMS of Sasha was leaked, where she was seen kissing a guy. Ruslaan immediately cut off all his ties with Sasha while she blamed Ruslaan for the controversy and leaking the MMS to the media for publicity.

Says a source, `Though both of them prefer not to talk about the past, the clash of the release dates is yet again bringing to the limelight their past.`

Adds the source, `It could be a ploy to garner publicity or maybe it was coincidental. But for Sasha who makes her first Bollywood outing in the Arjun Kapoor starrer, it is yet again a time to have her ex guy's name being dragged with hers!`

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