Wednesday 27 February 2013

'I want to work with Amit Trivedi'

`I  want to work with Amit Trivedi`

After struggling a lot and finding a foothold in filmdom, singer-composer Siddharth Basrur, who composed songs for films like "Haunted 3D" and "David", is keen to jam with Amit Trivedi.

"I am a huge fan of Amit Trivedi and Vishal-Shekhar. I hope something works out with Amit Trivedi. I really want to work with him," he told.

Talking about Vishal he said: "I have met Vishal too, he is an awesome person. I have shared the stage with him and I want to work with him again. I admire Karsh Kale too."

Basrur has been a part of the music industry for many years now. He lent his voice to films as well as promotional videos and advertisements.

"I want to be a part of all mediums. I can't be partial to one, each one of them has their advantages," he said.

"Songs that I write are close to my heart as I have written them. But the songs that I write for the Bollywood community have a much larger reach. I enjoy singing whatever I get," he added.

Basrur always harboured a dream of being part of the music industry, but didn't have enough means to fulfill it.

"I did a few gigs in Bombay and Pune. It was a hobby. I did try to do it full time, but it didn't work out... I took off in 2010 when I sang two songs for 'Haunted'," said the musician who sang "Jaaniya" and "Mujhe de de har gum tera" in the Vikram Bhatt directed horror drama.

He admits attaining success "takes time".

"After I quit my job, I just had two songs. The first six months, I just spent visiting people and telling them that I exist. The journey has not been easy... it has only in the last six months I have been getting regular work."

The musician recently released the first part of his songs series called "Chasing Rain" on the internet.

"I released it on February 16. It's called 'Chasing Rain - Chapter 1'. It will be released in parts. I have composed most of the tracks. And for some, my producer Ayan De has helped in composing. But most of them - the lyrics, vocal melody and all have been given by me. The rest of the songs are ready, but we are taking our time. In the near future, they will be released," he said.

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