Wednesday 27 February 2013

Kunal and I are moving in together, Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan has no immediate plan to settle down with her boyfriend Kunal Khemu as she is very focused on her career right now but the actress will move in together with Kunal. Soha Ali Khan reveals her plan, “We are going to move in together as soon as he is back from Thailand four weeks later. We have bought a place together in Khar that I am supposed to be making into a home. And that's quite a commitment. He will put his place on rent and I will put my place on rent and we will move in together into our new place. I have asked my mother for permission. So nobody will be surprised in my family, but other people don't know about it yet”

When asked if her family has accepted Kunal, she replied, “I have been committed in two more relationships before, and I have worn this relationship on my sleeve in a way that I have not done before and choose to do so to cement it. What I appreciate about Kunal is that he is so secure that he is willing to take that on and not compete with that. My father would only be curious and asked questions about him via my mother. My mother comes with her own expectations of a mother and I knew that she would like Kunal once she met him. She was always worried about me being influenced by other people. Initially, she was cold with him, but now is extremely fond of him and sees him as solid and dependable”.

Speaking about her relationship with Saif, Soha said, “He is unusual and certainly one of his kind and is interesting just as a human study. He is fascinating and you can just sit and watch him. He is incredibly sharp and I know that he is genuinely fond of me. He is volatile and can be sometimes in a good mood and sometimes in a bad mood and you need to respond to that. Once you know how to play your cards right with him, you are safe with him. We did not grow up together, but as adults staying in the same city, he will message me at times and ask me to come over”.

Soha will be next seen in ‘Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster Returns”. Soha Ali Khan - Actresses

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