Thursday 28 February 2013

John Abraham’s mom cries after watching ‘I Me Aur Main’

John Abraham starrer ‘I Me Aur Main’ will hit the marquee tomorrow and on Wednesday a grand premiere of the film was organized. Among all attendees was present John Abraham’s mother. John’s mother got emotional after watching the movie and after coming out of the venue, she looked at her son’s eyes with teary eyes and hugged him.
Co-producer Goldie Behl said that after watching John’s mother’s reaction he can say that the making of this movie was worthy.  "The biggest compliment I have seen today is John's mom coming and touching him and looking at him so warmly. I think that is the best moment I have seen," Goldie said here on Wednesday at a special screening of the film.

"Making the movie is partly worth it just to see aunty's reaction. The way she looked at her son, she was so proud and happy about it," he added.

John hewed in saying, "Mom was crying because the film gets very touchy at the end."
‘I Me Aur Main’ is a love triangle, directed by Kapil Sharma. It stars Prachi Desai and Chitrangada Singh in the lead.
John is happy with all good words about his acting. He is happy that with each film he is improving.
"With every film I get the same compliment that this is your best performance till date. I think with every film I am improving, I feel good.

"I believe it is very different from my image because there is this 'action Abraham' image that I carry, but I Me Aur Main has a very sweet guy image. People are very pleasantly surprised," the 40-year-old said here.

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