Wednesday 27 February 2013

Veena Malik wants to kiss Salman Khan

Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik is on kissing spree. On her birthday, she has made a new kissing record. She entered into Guinness Book of World record by getting kissed 100 times in one minute at the Renaissance Club in Juhu, Mumbai, on Tuesday evening. Veena also broke the record of ‘Dabangg’ star Salman Khan who holds a record of receiving 107 kisses in a minute.
"I made it...flattened Dabang khan's GUINNESS record of 108...recvd 137 kisses in a mint...AND u got it all wrong it waz on my HAND!!! -
Veena Malik said: “The team of my film ‘The City that Never Sleeps’ shortlisted 20 records that we would attempt to break and this was one of them; we anyway have to break 19 more records...If you think this is a publicity stunt, then yes, you are right; films are made for publicity.”

Veena Malik also said that she would like to kiss Salman Khan on screen: “I would like to kiss the Dabangg Salman Khan on screen and I think it would be beautiful if we had a kiss on screen.”
Veena said that all this is a part of promotional strategy for her upcoming flick, 'The city that never Sleeps' and not at all for publicity!
Veena received 137 kisses the contestants of a reality show on her birthday which was on February 26th.
Veena Malik hogged the limelight when she came to India  and participated in the reality show, 'Bigg Boss'. She spiced up the show with her closeness with Ashmit Patel. Fatwa was issued against the actress for posing nude for a magazine.
She has bagged few projects. She is filming Zindagi 50-50, 'Mumbai 125 KM 3D', 'Supermodel'. She is also working in the Kannada movie 'The Dirty Picture' which is a remake of the Hindi blockbuster 'The Dirty Picture'.

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