Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Shilpa was paid Rs. 71.73 lakh to perform at CWG

Having a fan is good for any Bollywood star. However, that is not the case always as the name of popular filmy actress Shilpa Shetty’s name was mentioned in a Delhi court in regard to a corruption case. The court is investigating the mass scale corruption that occurred during the Commonwealth Games. In a latest turn of events the court announced that Shilpa Shetty was paid Rs. 71.73 lakh to perform at the closing ceremony of CWG Youth games, held at Pune in the year 2008. This was arranged "merely to fulfil the last moment wish" of the politician, Suresh Kalmadi.
The court is at present holding trial against Suresh Kalmadi and other bureaucrats of the organizing committee of CWG for rampant corruption and bribery charges. They are booked under Indian Penal code violation and prevention of corruption act. However, it remains to be seen whether anything can be proven against them or they goes scot free, keeping India as one of the most corrupt country in the world and corruption as the best zero investment business in India. Unearthing corruption and then forgetting it conveniently is an age old Indian culture.
However, the glam quotient recently attached with the corruption case has once again brought the case to the media attention. It was discovered that the promoters of Gem International, a Faridabad based company paid the Rs. 71.73 lakh for Shilpa’s performance. The promoters A K Madan and P D Arya paid the money in cheque to M/s Whiz Craft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd, who manages the events of Shilpa.
Farther investigation revealed that Madan and Arya represented the ‘Swiss Timing’ company, it was this same company that was illegally awarded the tender for installing the TSR system for the 2010 CWG. Allegedly the awarding of contract to the ‘Swiss Timing’ company at an inflated rate cost the government almost Rs. 90 crore in the excess. The tax payers money was put to good utilization. It seems that as the common man is reeling under the effect of inflation and relentless price hike, the Indian scam business has become multimillion dollar lucrative industry.
The promoter duo was asked to arrange for Shilpa’s performance on allegedly Kalmadi’s insistence. Therefore, they paid the money in cheque and arranged for the performance. What a way to return favor one might say.

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